Brewer: 8 Month Update!

YAYYY, we reached month EIGHT!!

How can it be?!

Harry & I were talking this morning about how it’s been the most incredible 8 months of our lives. Harry also made the comment, “Stop and think about the past 8 months- all the feedings, all the diaper changes, bath times, putting him in the car- and Brewer is such a happy/ healthy baby.”

It really is wild when you stop and think about it like that! It takes a lot to care for a baby and we’ve been on this parenthood ride for 8 months now!

It’s really been the most incredible journey of our lives! Brewer is sweet, funny, chill, happy, and a million other wonderful things! We still pinch ourselves that we get to be his parents!

Okay, let’s get to all the fun that we’ve been up to this month!

Brewer loves to eat!!

He gets 3 meals a day: Breakfast (yogurt or oatmeal) Lunch (Organic plum pouches in various flavors) Dinner (Little Spoon Purees) + 30ish oz of baby formula a day!

We’ve been enjoying dinner on the back porch lately!

Brewer had a great monthly check- up!

My chunky monkey weighed 22 lb!!

I took a personal day and spent the entire day snuggling this cutie & we decorated for fall!

Brewer spent a weekend with Nana while we had a weekend out of town! Brewer sleeps in my baby craddle at Nana’s house! 🙂

This was a random day at home! I still can’t believe this cutie lives with us and we get to raise him!

We had a fun brunch date with our friends, Brittney & baby Lincoln!! It made my heart SO happy seeing these 2 together!

This is what mom life looks like while brunching with 2 little babes! LOL!

Sleeping beauty lol! Brewer is an amazing sleeper! He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 2.5 months old. He gradually went from sleeping 6 hours to 8 to 10 to now, he sleeps close to 12 hours at night!

We spent Labor Day weekend at the lake!

Brewer has become a great little travel baby! From day 1, we have tried to fit him into our normal routine as much as possible. Now, he is very chill and go with the flow!

Brewer loves his aunts/ uncles too! Here he is with Uncle William!

Brewer loves hanging out with his daddy! Seriously, he is obsessed with his daddy! They are the cutest!

Brewer continues to LOVE Toy Story! Like forreal, it is on every. single. day as background noise at our house. I say it all the time, but I really think he is fascinated by the colors in the movie!

He loves front porch rockin’!

I mean doesn’t this face just scream happy! lol

Now that it’s fall, we are living for this outdoor, crisp weather!

That blanket weather on evening walks just hits differently!!

We had the sweetest playdate with our friends Emily & Judson + Emily & Tucker!

Are these 3 not the cutest little things you have ever seen!!

As we were taking these photos, something BIG happened!!

Brewer took off and started CRAWLING!!

It was the wildest thing! He has taken like one scoot here and one scoot there but he full on started crawling in the middle of photos with his friends! LOL! After that, we was on the move the entire night!

We have been loving all of the fall, cozy nights!

We had a night in, watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Brewer doesn’t really take a paci these days but he is a big fan of his thumb! Lol, sweet little baby!

Brewer loves to hang out with me while I work sometimes!

Happy baby!

It’s hard to see but Brewer is teething!! He has 2 teeth coming in top/ middle!

There’s something about a boy in yellow!!

Brewer is babbling and trying to talk a lot these days!!


Who does Brewer look like?

So when people ask me who Brewer looks like, above is my answer! lol I think his smile is me and his resting face is daddy! What do y’all think?!


Let’s talk about the things that Brewer likes:

-Being outside

-Moving all the time: crawling, rolling, etc.

-Laughing at the dogs

-HIs crawling toys: a spinning monkey, and a baby crawl ball

-His jumperoo

-He loves for us to make him smile & laugh by seeing us jump around acting silly

This is Brewer’s signature: I’m done face! LOL!

Let’s talk about the things that Brewer does not like:

-He is not a fan of being in the car for more than 30 minutes to 1 hour

-Teething…… I mentioned above that he is getting his first 2 teeth. It has not been easy. He has been such a great sleeper since the early months but with teething, we have had a few rough nights. It has broken my mama heart because I know he’s just been so uncomfortable. Ugh. This week has been good though!


I often really do have to stop and pinch myself that I’m really this sweet baby’s momma. Harry and I love him more than we will ever be able put into words. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us! We both feel like we are living the best days of our lives. We love being parents and all that comes with it!


Happy 8 months, Brew Brew!!


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