Brewer: THREE Month Update!

This little monkey has reached month THREE!

Month three has been so fun!

We are starting to see so much of Brewer’s personality these days! He is such a happy baby!!


For these monthly recaps, I like to share Brewer’s experiences, his likes/ dislikes, & how we are continuing to adjust to parenthood!

Another memorable month with this sweet baby!

We celebrated another holiday this month- Easter!!!

Someone was excited to celebrate their first Easter!!

Easter fun with cousin Eleanor!

Brewer is doing great at church services on Sunday mornings!

We had a fun day in Greenville as a family of 3!

We took Brewer to Brick Street Cafe!!! Sweet, side story… we came here the day we found out we were expecting a boy! It was so sweet being back here with Brewer!

Brewer had another fun day in Greenville with me and AnnaVee!

We went on lots of walks around the neighborhood!

Walks with puppy brothers are the best!! The pups are continuing to adjust well & Brewer is starting to notice them more!


We also went walking on the Cottonwood Trail in Spartanburg!

Brewer’s first trip to the Charm!!!

Brewer is doing great sleeping in his crib at night!! He sleeps 9ish hours every night!

Brewer smiles ALLLLL the time!! He is becoming a lot more alert!!

Brewer has come a long way with bath time! He is beginning to really love it!!


I returned to work this month. We have prayed and prayed since before Brewer was born over his care takers. When I say God opened a door, He opened a door!! I had heard from so many friends to find childcare, then get pregnant & have a baby. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. So, nearly two years ago, I reached out to our number 1 childcare choice and put our names on a waiting list (not knowing when we would actually have a baby) Well, I reached out when we got pregnant & there was still no availability for the foreseeable future so we made other arrangements. Then, about 3 weeks before I returned to work, our number 1 childcare choice that has had our names on their waiting list for nearly 2 years, CALLED ME WITH AN OPENING!! Not only that, but they had an opening for the exact time frame that I was returning to work. Y’all… when I say I prayed, and prayed, and prayed, I did and GOD HEARD ME! 

The other day, while I was working, I got this sweet photo of Brewer from one of the sweet, precious ladies who keeps him! It definitely helps ease my mama heart knowing how loved & cared for he is! SO GRATEFUL!

I caught an awful head cold when I returned to work this month and Brewer caught some of it from me. There is nothing worse than seeing your baby sick! ugh! Thankfully, he is feeling so much better!! Even while not feeling well, Brewer was still his happy/ content self!!


Brewer’s Likes/ Dislikes

Let’s talk about the things that Brewer likes:



-going for walks

-mommy & daddy being silly

-laying on the floor and stretching while playing with his kick & play piano

Things that Brewer does not like:

-Lately, he has not loved it when I try to read him a book & show him the pictures (he’s like get this out of my face mommy, lol- it’s kinda funny! But boy, this teacher/ mama heart hopes he grows to love books one day!)

-Tummy time isn’t his favorite thing these days either

*It’s hard to think of things that Brewer doesn’t like because he’s so chill!*

Now, let’s discuss how parenting is going for us:

Mom and Dad are our new favorite titles. Y’all, I’m so serious. We love being Brewer’s parents more than anything else in the world. He is just so sweet and such a precious gift from God. Everyday, we stare at him in awe that he is ours. This month has been a real turning point for Brewer. He sleeps through the night and he is just so content! He is such a happy, little baby! He is making parenting seem so easy these days! I returned to work this month and of course that was emotionally, not easy. My mama heart was not ready. Brewer has adjusted so well though and our mornings/ afternoons are so sweet!!

Happy three months to my sweet, little monkey!


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10 thoughts on “Brewer: THREE Month Update!

  1. Lynn “Wendy” Harper says:

    Brewer is so blessed to have y’all as his mommy and daddy❣️💙 xoxo
    Love that sweet baby boy❣️💙


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