Fab Friday

IT’S FRIDAY!!! Fridays just put me in the BEST mood ever! Especially in the fall!

On Friday nights, the weather feels crisper, I hear football all around me, and all the fall things just call my name! Anyone else?!


Okay, today’s edition of “Fab Friday” will consist of a few things for mommy and a few for baby!

Here we go:

1. Mustard Yellow Earrings- I’m loving these woven, mustard yellow earrings. They scream fall and I especially love them because they’re LSU colors!

Shop them, here:

Mustard Yellow Earrings


2. Hair Claw Clips- These hair clips have been this mom’s new best friend! Lol! Aren’t they cute?? They’re the perfect size to use if you want to throw back some of your hair OR all of your hair! They’re a great medium size but they hold all of my hair so well. Big clips are such an “in” thing right now and I use these daily!

Shop them, here:

Hair Claw Clips


3. Blue Light Glasses- Okay, now that I’m working from home, I had to invest in some blue light glasses. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! I love the variety that I got in this pack with all the different colors. They’re cute, comfy, and they have been great for my eyes while working in front of my computer!

Shop them, here:

Blue Light Glasses

4. Baby Cooler Bag- I use this baby cooler for Brewer every. single. day. I pack his bottles/ food in it for daycare and also while we’re out & about. If you’re a mom and in need of something like this for baby, I highly recommend. It’s also great for adults too, to pack a lunch. It has lots of room!

Shop, here:

Baby Cooler Bag


5. Baby Up & Up Diapers- Okay, if you’re not a mom, you will probably not care about this one LOL. BUT, for all of my mommy friends out there, Baby Up & Up diapers are my FAVORITE! They are found at Target and they’re half the price of Huggies and Pampers. Honestly, I just like them better too! I do Target pick up runs all the time and these diapers are always in my order! #MomHack

Check them out, here:

Baby Up & Up Diapers


Okay, that wraps up this month’s edition of Fab Friday!

Y’all have a great FALL WEEKEND!!

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