Welcome to my lifestyle blog! I am a daughter of Christ, wife to an incredible husband, dog mom, and a 4K teacher. I enjoy having quiet time with Jesus, spending time with family & friends, planning outings with the girls, being outdoors, decorating, all things that are girly, and now of course {blogging}.

I started my blog in July of 2016- my 25th birthday to be exact. I felt like God was laying it on my heart to begin blogging. My initial thoughts were, who would read my blog?, no one will care what I have to say, or my blog will not be that interesting. After overcoming all of those thoughts, I thought of all the reasons I should blog. I love to write-I have always had a passion for putting ideas on paper, blogging is a great way to document your life to reference back to, I love giving others advice when they need it, and I’m very passionate about life and making each day special.

I am so excited to share my love for my faith, marriage, simple everyday life, and all things girly with you. I have really been inspired through some of my favorite bloggers and I hope I can do the same for you. Thanks for stopping by!