This & That Thursday

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

I love This & That Thursday posts because I literally talk about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I get to touch on our week, things I’m looking forward to, what I’m currently loving, weekend plans, & more!

Grab your cup of coffee and settle in for today’s blog post!

Above, is my line- up for This & That Thursday blog posts, so let’s get to it!

This week: I LOVE this time of year! The weather is getting crisper so I’ve been enjoying lunch breaks outside with a pumpkin view! Hi, I’m Kristen & pumpkins make me happy!

Looking Forward to: ALL THE FALL THINGS! Ahh, the house has been decorated for a couple of weeks and we’ve been enjoying all the fall things. There is so much on our list: pumpkin patches, apple picking, fall movies, Halloween, and MORE! I’m so giddy about doing fall with our little pumpkin this year!

Currently Dreading: LOL, well… I still have some things on my “beginning of the school year” checklist. I’ll feel better once it’s all checked off my list! My new job is going great! I’m putting in a lot of work right now to learn all the “new” and get in a good routine! Every week, I’m feeling more & more comfortable. The flexibility has been nice!

Reminiscing on: Aww! This time last year, I was growing like a pumpkin with sweet little Brewer in my belly. We did all the fall things last year while pregnant. It’s crazy to think that now, he is here and we’re making so many first time memories with him this fall!

Watching/ Reading: Okay, let’s start with watching…. I have NOT been as into all things Bachelor as I use to be. It’s just changed over time and it’s not the same. BUT, I have been watching Bachelor in Paradise. I missed having something to watch so I got hooked on that, for now!

Reading…. I’m loving my cozy little nook at home to sit and read! Something about reading when everything is cozy makes me happy. I go for books that are light and fluffy, lol! I love chick lit books that are just fun to read! I recently started, The Last Song by NIcholas Sparks!

Listening to: I’m loving this podcast, The Bestie Breakdown! It’s fun and happy. They talk about all things from fall, to motherhood, life, balancing work life! It’s a fun listen while you’re in the car driving!! That’s my favorite time to listen to podcasts!

What’s on the Menu: This week, we made pumpkin pancakes for dinner! Is anyone else of fan of making breakfast foods at dinner? It felt like a fun, cozy night!

I’m loving: I’m loving my little knit, beige sweater tank from Amazon!! It looks super cute tucked in and it’s the perfect transition for this weather!!

Shop it, here:

Amazon Top


Weekend Vibes: Harry has a work event for a few hours on Saturday! You can find me at home with this little cutie all day Saturday!! We will be at church & small group Sunday morning! Our small group just started back and we are loving it. Brewer tags along too! It’s so important to have people to do life with!

Bible Verse: Let me leave you with this verse! It was in my devotion this morning. I love it so much. Sometimes, we think we have these picture perfect plans for life and then God shows up & shows us an even better plan!


That wraps up a little bit of this and that for your Thursday! It was a very “fall” version of This & That Thursday! Y’all have a great Friday eve and an even better weekend!

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