Brewer: TWO Month Update!

Happy TWO months to my best little buddy!!

I can’t believe I have a two month old!!

It’s been a fun month of bonding, growing, and watching Brewer achieve sweet little milestones!

Today, I’m going to be recapping the past month by talking about Brewer’s experiences, his likes/ dislikes, and how Harry & I are continuing to adjust to parenthood!

Another fun month with my baby!

This month, we soaked up the sunshine! Every chance we get to be outside in warm weather, we take advantage of it!

We had a matching day! Who says mommy’s can’t match with their boys!

We had more fun trips to Clover!

We had our first night away from home as a family of 3! After a day with family, we all stayed at my sister’s house in Charlotte for the night! He even wore his Dalmation jammies because they have a dog, Dublin the Dalmation!

We had a fun Friday with daddy because he had the day off work! We spent the warm weather day, outside!!

Brewer celebrated his second holiday this month, St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Cutest little clover I ever did see!!

We’re doing a little bit of tummy time every day!! His neck is getting so strong!

Brewer attended church for the first time this month!!

He’s smiling more each & every day!!

It’s the sweetest thing watching him move and kick his arms & legs.

He’s becoming a lot more alert! He’s noticing his mobile on the swing as it goes round & round.

We took him to one of our favorite spots to feed the ducks/ geese. We can’t wait to bring him back here as he gets older!

He’s still going to sleep around 11 pm and sleeping 6ish- 7ish hours until 5 or 6 am! He typically has a feeding when he wakes up and goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.

Brewer had his 2 month check- up this morning and he weighs 12.11 lb!


Let’s talk about the things that Brewer likes:

-He loves laying in his dock a tot

-He loves his swing

-Continues to love riding in the car

-Continues to like going on walks

-He loves laying on our bed and staring at the ceiling fan


Let’s talk about the things that Brewer does NOT like:

-He’s not a huge fan of diaper changes

-He’s doing better with bath time but he doesn’t like the transition out of the bathtub because he does not like to be cold. He prefers warn & snug, lol!

-He’s not a fan when things are totally quiet unless he’s sleeping. He prefers noise from the tv, music, and the little lullabies on his swing.

Now, let’s discuss how parenting is going for us:

We continue to be in awe that God blessed us with a baby! We really feel like he came into our lives at just the right time. Parenting is A LOT of work and we absolutely embrace every bit of it. We are both 29 and we turn 30 this year. I have a feeling, parenthood is going to make our thirties a really sweet time!

I say parenting is  A LOT of work because it is. It’s a 24/ 7 job of feeding, changing diapers, changing clothes, doing baby laundry, loosing sleep, packing the diaper bag, holding him, moving him around, and holding him when he decides to cry for unknown reasons.

It sounds so crazy but I have embraced all of those baby duties and I love it! I don’t know that I would have loved it at other times in my life but I have 100% embraced mamahood and it’s my new jam!

One thing that has really helped me is embracing all of those “hard” moments of crying, loosing sleep, trying to figure out what is “wrong.” One day, I know I will look back and miss this newborn stage. Infants are so sweet and little, so embrace it all by staring at your sweet little one during those moments & soak it all in! They are trying to figure out this big world too!

We love this little guy more than anything!

We are so grateful for another sweet month with our baby!

Click here for his one month update: Brewer: ONE month update!

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