Brewer: 12 Month Update!


Twelve whole months!

One whole year!

One year of snuggles. One year of laughs. One year of smiles. One year of so many “firsts.” One year of the most amazing memories!


I can’t believe Brewer is ONE!

It’s so hard to believe but I know without a doubt, we have soaked up every memory possible this year!

From the moment he was born, I told myself that I want to be present and I don’t want to miss a beat! I think we do a good job of making each day count with Brewer!

We’re not perfect parents at all but I try my best to remind myself that everything else can wait: dishes, laundry, a messy house, etc. There will never be a time that Brewer is the age that he is today! I want to make memories that I can always look back and smile on!

Someone gave me this poem when Brewer was born and to this day, it is on the side of my fridge! It’s such an important reminder to live by!


Today, I want to recap month 12!! It was a big month leading up to turning ONE!

This month…

We did more Christmas fun leading up to Christmas Eve/ Day!

Family came to town and we went to Holly Wild Light Safari!

We spent Christmas Eve with Harry’s family!

We did all of our Christmas Eve traditions!

And then Christmas morning came!!!

Brewer had a ball, literally! Lol!

We spent Christmas Day in Clover!

Brewer’s first Christmas was so special and one that we will always remember!

Read all about it, here:

Brewer’s First Christmas

I love the week between Christmas and New Year! Harry & I are both off work and it’s just a great week to reflect on the year and set goals for the upcoming year! We spent so much time with Brewer that week, playing with his new toys, going for walks, and watching sunsets!

Brewer’s first New Year’s Eve!

Ringing in the new year was so special with Brewer this year! We both agreed, this is our favorite way to spend NYE!

We are soaking up all of the cozy, winter days! This weather takes me back to the sweet days when Brewer first entered the world!

We went on a little spur of the moment trip to a local lake!

This baby got some new white high tops!!

We took him to the same shoe store that Harry grew up going to on our town square!

This baby is too cool!

We had some really warm days earlier this month and we went for a walk at a local track!

And then it snowed and we had a magical winter ONEderland to begin Brewer’s birthday week!

Brewer LOVED the snow!!

This snow gave us so many amazing memories with our baby!

We played hard during the snow days!

We did lots of sledding!

We built a snowman!

We also stayed inside and did some baking during the snow days!!

Come read all about our cozy snow days, here:

Walking in a Winter ONEderland

This baby loves this little wagon! He loves to be on the move!

He loves his swing too! It’s another thing that moves LOL! I joke that he’s an adrenaline junkie! He loves anything that moves or goes fast!

He loves to go for rides on his tractor!

He will take breaks for Toy Story!! Lol he LOVES Toy Story!! A big part of Brewer’s first year has involved Toy Story!

Brewer loves all of his toys! Clappy the Monkey is always a favorite!

He loves his personalized chair that he got for Christmas!

Brewer loves to laugh and play with Daddy! They are two peas in a pod!!

Of course, he’s a mommy’s boy!

Silly boy! He is so close to walking! He can take several steps on his own (3 or 4 steps)!

Into everything these days, lol! Here he is playing in mommy’s make- up!!

Check out his new trick! Lololololol


Celebrating his birthday so far has been amazing!

It unexpectedly turned into 3 weekends of fun! We had a winter ONEderland with snow, we celebrated his actual birthday weekend here at home doing all of Brewer’s favorite things due to Covid, and this coming weekend is his very first birthday party!!!

His actual birthday weekend was so fun!

We went on a nature walk!

We did yogurt finger painting in the tub!

And so much more!

Come read all about how we spent his first birthday, here:

Happy 1st Birthday, Brewer!


Let’s talk about more things that Brewer loves:

-Anything sweet

-Being outside


-Being chased by Mommy & Daddy

-His family

Let’s talk about things that Brewer does not like:

-Still not a fan of long car rides

-He does not like to have his diaper or clothes changed when he’s tired lol

-We are still working on solid foods. He’s not a fan of textures! Many things have come really easy for Brewer but this one has been a challenge.


What an unbelievable year!

Brewer, we love you so, so much!

God made all of our dreams come true the day He gave us, you!

We can’t wait to celebrate you this weekend!

Happy 12 months, sweet baby, boy Brewer!

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