Brewer: 11 Month Update!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve from my eleven month old!!

Y’all, it has been an incredible year. INCREDIBLE!

Brewer was born in January and we have experienced every season & holiday in order with him this year! It’s been so special!

We are currently celebrating all of the Christmas cheer and it’s been so sweet with Brewer!

The only thing better than being a child at Christmas is having a child at Christmas!

Brewer is the best gift we could ever receive this year!


Let’s recap all of Brewer’s adventures this past month:

Brewer celebrated his very first Thanksgiving!

He weighed 23 lb at his most recent check- up!

Football Saturday!!

Bonfires & smores!

Brewer attended his first basketball game!

It was mommy’s alma mater vs. daddy’s alma mater!

Mommy’s alma mater won! Hehe! Go Clover!

Brewer has been the best little elf to run Christmas errands with!

He went to the Clover Christmas Parade!

My mom bought Brewer & cousin Eleanor, matching Rudolph pajamas!

The pajamas called for a photo shoot!

Brewer loves cousin Eleanor!

Brewer still has a very chill, go with the flow personality!

“Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight!”

Daddy turned the big 3-0 and we celebrated BIG!

Brewer loves his daddy so much! He has been saying “mama” and “Gaga” for a while. We are now 100% certain that “Gaga” is his way of saying “dada.” We are working on the “D” sound!


Brewer did so well meeting Santa!! He was so curious!

Only minor tears! Lol

Brewer had his first Jammy Cocoa Christmas!

He was a big fan of wearing his pajamas around town!

We went to the Spartanburg Christmas Parade!

Brewer was all smiles!

He loves to be bundled up and outside!!

Dinner for Grandaddy’s 70th birthday!

Dickens of a Christmas!!

And dinner at our favorite spot on our town square!

Christmas coffee date with our dear friends, Emily & Judson!

Our annual Christmas visit to The Grove Park Inn!

Someone was able to get a rocking chair by the fireplace!

We honeymooned here 6 years ago and it was extra sweet being back here with Brewer!

Brewer LOVES bath time!! He splashes & plays so hard in the bathtub!

We are loving all of the Christmas books this time of year!

We loved attending the Christmas service at church on our anniversary with our little Brew Brew!

Brewer loves easy Saturday mornings watching The Grinch!

We introduced a lot more solid foods this month. It hasn’t been easy! Brewer has not been a fan of textured foods and tends to make faces & spit food back out. We are slowly getting better!

Those little flipped out curls!! He has also been loving naps in the car lately as we run Christmas errands!

We had a Charlie Brown Christmas one night!

He was a big fan!

We also watched the Polar Express while Brewer played with the jingle bells that were used during send off at our wedding!

Comfy & cozy are we!

This baby loves his thumb! He has never really cared for a paci.

We built a gingerbread house (Brewer ate the icing) and went to see local Christmas lights!

It’s been a fun month with this little Santa Baby!

We made a little doggie treat delivery for all of the pup pups at the animal shelter. It’s very significant to our family because that’s where we got our sweet Ace! We love Brewer’s love for his puppy brothers!

We also had a little dinner with cupcakes to celebrate Jesus’ birthday! Then we read the story of Jesus’ birth to Brewer!

Our prayer is that he will grow up knowing how loved he is by not only us, but even more so by Jesus!


Let’s talk about the things that Brewer is loving these days:

-He loves to laugh!! Lately, at night time before he goes to bed, we spend about an hour just crawling and laughing with Brewer! He thinks it’s hysterical when Harry & I crawl on the floor with him. Brewer will grab his favorite toys and we have a ball together! Truly, my favorite part of the day!

-He loves pulling up on the side of the couch, end tables, the ottoman, etc. He’s beginning to shuffle his feet too! I think we will have a walker soon!

-He loves to get into everything! Literally everything!! Lol

-He has also learned how to reach for people! It’s the sweetest thing when he tries to reach because he wants mommy or daddy!

-He still loves to be outside!!

-He loves when we let him have a taste of sweet foods!

-Have I ever mentioned how much he loves Toy Story?! He is literally obsessed!

Let’s talk about the things that Brewer does not like:

-He is not a fan of diaper changes or having his clothes changed! That is too long for him to be still lol!

-At times, he doesn’t like to sit in the high chair. Most of the time he does well with this but he has moments!


It is so fun being this sweet boy’s parents!

It’s been such a special Christmas season with this sweet baby!

We are beyond excited for the next few days! It’s for sure, going to be a Christmas to remember!



This is my last blog post until after Christmas!

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Happy 11 months to the best gift ever!


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