Brewer: 9 Month Update!

My oh my, we reached month 9!

It has been the BEST nine months of our entire lives!

I say this all the time… Brewer is just the happiest, silliest, and smiley baby in the world. He is so, so SWEET!

Harry and I are so grateful to be his parents! We find ourselves at some point every single day, asking ourselves, “How? How in the world are we this blessed? God is SO GOOD!”

It has been another amazing month with this cutie, full of lots of fun!

Look at those little teethies! He now has 4!

We have been doing all the fall things this month!!

Fall Friday nights have become our jam! We took a Friday night trip to Brewer’s first pumpkin patch at Strawberry Hill!

He loved the tractor at Strawberry Hill the most!

The next Friday night, we took a trip to Sky Top Orchard- one of our favorite fall traditions! Having Brewer with us this year made it so much sweeter!

Brewer loves apple flavored food!!

His favorite snacks are puffs and yogurt melts!

The following Friday, we took a trip to Stewart Farms!

Brewer took his first hayride at Stewart Farms!!

I love making these new fall memories with him!

This past Friday, Brewer had a night out with the girly pops!

Brewer stayed at Honey & PaPa’s house while Harry & I took a weekend trip to Charleston to celebrate our friends getting married!

We celebrated Auntie Nat Nat turning 30!!

Go Gamecocks!!!

Brewer loves bath time these days!! All squeaky clean!!

Sweet boy living his best life with his friends at the best daycare in the entire world!

Speaking of daycare/ school…. look at Brewer’s first school picture!!

On the back of this we will write, “Mom didn’t know it was school picture day.” #truestory #bluesocks #LOL

But oh my goodness, he is SO CUTE!!!

Brewer & I spent a Saturday with Auntie Britt & Aunt Kacy! We went to lunch and to another pumpkin patch! At this pumpkin patch, we got to see animals + took another hayride!

Harry takes an annual shrimping/ fishing trip with his dad & brothers each year. Brewer & I got to spend a lot of quality time together that week. He sure was happy to see his daddy when he got home, though!

Brewer learned how to crawl last month but this month, he has learned how to crawl on all fours + he is moving at a very rapid pace, LOL! He has been loving playing inside of our new storage ottoman. He also learned how to crawl out of this “playpen” the other day. Woah! All eyes on Brewer!!!

This cutie was sick for a few days this month with, hand foot mouth. You would never know it though! Look at that sweet grin!!

He has had many more teeth pop up this month! Teething doesn’t seem to be bothering him anymore. He is back to sleeping all through the night!

Brewer LOVES to be outside!! Like all the time! We’ve been enjoying lots of meals outside lately!

Brewer still loves to go on walks!! If he’s every fussy (which is honestly rare), we can go on a walk and it’s like his instant happy!

I love having a little buddy to run errands with!

We went to a birthday party to celebrate sweet Eliza turning one! He had a ball!

Aww, look at these sweet little babies!!

We’ve had lots of Halloween story times this month!

Look at those sweet little feeties!!

It’s the sweetest sound in the world to hear Brewer giggle at his puppy brothers!! He is OBSESSED with them & they love him too!

…to absolute pieces… I love this baby!!

He is our absolute greatest gift!

All ready for Halloween!

Brewer started sitting up without wobbling this month! He’s doing so good! Go Brewer Go!

This pumpkin weighs about 22 pounds!

Another big accomplishment this month- Brewer said his very first word- MAMA!

Y’all my heart may explode!! I could listen to this sweet baby say, “mama” over and over and over!

I’m so thankful to be his momma!


Let’s talk about the things this sweet boy loves:

-LAUGHING! He loves to watch us be silly and laugh out loud!

-Crawling and finding cords (all eyes on Brewer!)

-Babbling, talking, especially saying, “mama!”

-Toy Story

-The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

-His toys!

-Anything that involves being outside!

Let’s talk about the things that Brewer does not like these days:

-Riding in the car for more than 30ish minutes. Car rides are just not his favorite thing anymore. He would much rather be on the move!!

-Getting dressed for bed at night time. LOL! Harry and I laugh, y’all! He is the most content baby but around 7:30-8ish, he lets us know that it’s bed time. He does not want us to change his clothes because he is fussy & tired. Bath- time, he is good with. Just don’t change his clothes & diaper once he’s tired.


Brewer has officially been in the outside world just as long as he was growing inside my belly. It’s so hard to believe he’s 9 months old and at the same time, it’s hard to ever remember a time without him. Our lives have changed so much over the past 9 months. Life is so much sweeter, more memorable, and a bit busier with chores. It’s been the best 9 months we could have ever dreamed of!


We love you to the moon and back, our sweet little angel baby!


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