Brewer: SIX Month Update!

SIX months!! Half a year of loving on you!!

It feels like Brewer was born yesterday and at the same time, it’s hard to remember a day without Brewer.

He is our sweet little cuddle bug and it’s been the best year so far, watching him grow!


I would say this has been our biggest month yet! Brewer had so many new experiences this month and achieved so many little milestones!


Brewer continues to be the happiest, smiley baby!

Brewer ran lots of summer errands with me this month!

He caught RSV this month. Ugh, it was not fun! I taught a few weeks of summer school in June and Brewer attended his church daycare (that we LOVE!) during those weeks. Sickness was going around & Brewer caught it too.

This is us at the doctor’s office! His pediatrician said this is usually a slow time of year but they have been super busy with lots of illness going around. Mama’s, be careful!

We spent 4th of July weekend at home while Brewer got to feeling better!

He was still super happy, all while sick! We’re not usually home on July 4th and it was actually really nice to be home this year! We had so many firework shows in our neighborhood! Of course, Brewer slept through them all!

Someone was spoiled by Nana while he was sick! lol

He learned a new trick this month- how to put his foot in his mouth! lolololol

Brewer took his first little dip in the lake this month too! Well, he was actually buckled into this baby float but his feet got to touch the water! We were right by the steps to the boat house/ lake house. He was seriously LOVING it!!!

He loves bath time these days!!

My mother in law sent me this picture one day while she came over to hang out with him! He loves his little bumbo seat!!

He had apple juice for the first time this month (the week he was sick) He loved it!!

We also tried rice cereal this month and he was a big FAN!

Then, we progressed to eating all sorts of baby food: fruit and veggie flavors!

My 30th birthday this month was extra special because Brewer was here! ๐Ÿ™‚

He loves to suck his thumb and his hands now days. This makes me think we are getting close to teething!

Brewer is also trying really hard to crawl these days!! He’s definitely scooting around some!

We took him to an outdoor birthday party at a golf course & he did amazing!! He loves to be outside!

Brewer had his first beach trip this month!

He did incredible at the beach!!

He loved the water on his little feet, the sand toys, & all of the beach walks!

We were at the beach the day he turned 6 months old (4 days ago!)

What a great way to celebrate a half birthday! I can’t believe my baby is 6 months old!


Brewer experienced so much this month!! Let’s talk about some more things that Brewer likes:

-Playing Peek a Boo

-Belly laughing and laughing out loud!!!

-Pulling mommy’s hair

-HIs jumperoo

-Apple food & sweet potato food

-He LOVES the dogs!! He laughs and giggles so much every time they walk by him! They are quickly becoming his favorites!!


Let’s discuss a few things that Brewer is not a fan of:

-He is loving baby food but we did try one flavor that he is NOT fan of… zucchini.. maybe one day!

-He has never minded car rides but we’ve also never been in the car with him for more than 1.5 hours. He got a little fussy half way to the beach & half way home. He was ready to be out of the car!!

-We also learned one more thing at the beach.. 8:00, we HAVE to be getting him ready for bed- last bottle, pajamas, and rocking him to sleep! We went to dinner super early every night at the beach and it worked out perfect EXCEPT, our last night of vacation. We got a late start to dinner that night and Brewer could sense that. He was ready for bed so we actually ended up taking food back to the beach house in to- go boxes so we could get him to sleep! He’s still a great sleeper. He sleeps anywhere between 10- 12 hours each night.


We love every moment of being this little boy’s parents. He is teaching us how to be a mom & dad! We absolutely love it! In the same week, I turned 30 and Brewer turned 6 months old. I feel like we are living our best lives right now! It’s so fun being Brewer’s parents and I still think that we had him at the perfect time in life!

It’s so cool how God blesses us just when we need it. I opened up Brewer’s prayer journal just this morning and I was reading over prayers that I had wrote, that I’ve already seen God answer!

Brewer, you are by far, our biggest & best blessing!


It was so hard choosing his 6 month photo because I loved them all! He’s so use to having his picture taken! He knows how to smile for the camera lolololol!

Hold up y’all… am I really 6 months old?!?!


Get out of here!!

Happy 6 months old, sweet baby!!!

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