Brewer: Four Month Update!

Here we are at month number FOUR!

This chunky monkey has been our little sidekick for FOUR whole months! 

Gosh, I could just eat him up!

It’s been another great month of new experiences, new tricks, more laughs, & more cuddles!!


First, let’s talk about all the things Brewer experienced this month:

He still makes all the kissy faces!!

Brewer attended his first Kentucky Derby Party and we stayed the night at Aunt Ashley & Uncle Logan’s house!

We read lots of Bible stories this month!

I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day because this cute pie made me a mama!

We celebrated Mother’s Day by dedicating Brewer to the church and our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ! I could not ask for a better way to spend my first Mother’s Day!

Nothing sweeter than a baby in a bonnet!

Brewer got another picture with his future girlfriend, Maylin!! We love sweet Maylin & her precious parents!

Some days are long & we just play until we fall asleep in the floor! LOL!

Brewer attended his first T-Ball game this month to see our sweet buddy Mason play!

Brewer went to his first birthday party to celebrate Tillman turning 3!

We celebrated this sweet mama to be!! We can’t wait for Brewer’s little buddy to be here so soon!

Brewer attended a wedding shower with me this month + a couple of dinner nights with the girls! One day he’s going to hate being out with the girls so for now, I’m going to enjoy it! lol!! 

He went to the lake for the first time this month!

He smiles A LOT!!!!

We went on lots of spring walks this month!

Brewer learned how to roll over this month & now it’s his new favorite thing!!!


Now, let’s talk about all the things that Brewer is currently loving:

-Smiling & laughing

-Cooing & trying to talk

-Rolling over

-Looking at all of his musical/ light up toys

-Looking around // He’s starting to notice his surroundings

-He still loves eating! Can you tell me doesn’t miss a meal? Lol, he tries to hold his own bottle

Now, let’s discuss the dislikes although there are not many..

-He continues to like car rides as long as they are short & sweet. He does not like being in the car for long periods of time.

-He likes to roll over but he gets a little frustrated because he wants to move more & can’t figure out how to roll back.

-He’s such a smiley, happy baby! When he’s in a crowd of people he can turn into a mood, lol! He just gets quiet and no more smiling- not necessarily fussy!

We love our happy little baby more than I could ever express! He really is just the most content, happy, smiley, laughable baby!! I’ll never know how we got so blessed!

Psst… this month also marks an entire year that we found out about Brewer! May 20th, 2020 we found out that we were expecting our biggest & best blessing! We never would have dreamed it to be this good!

Brewer, we love you BIG!

Happy FOUR months!!!!


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