Brewer: FIVE Month Update!

My sweet monkey is FIVE months old!!

It has been the BEST five months of my entire life!

I’m so, so grateful for this season of life. It’s by far my favorite!! I’ve learned a new level of love being Brewer’s mommy and it’s the most amazing thing in the world!


Brewer experienced so many things this month!

We celebrated another holiday- Memorial Day!!

We spent Memorial Day at the lake!

Family Day in Clover!

Brewer still loves his water mat and he holds his head up super well these days!

He still loves rolling! Last month, he rolled over for the first time and this month, he rolled over & rolled back!! 

We introduced the jumparoo this month! He LOVES it! He is slowly starting to bounce in it and he loves all of the toys & music.

We read lots of stories this month! He’s beginning to like story time again!

We went for lots of walks!!

Brewer visited my classroom for the first time on the last day of school!

Brewer stayed the night with my mom for the first time this month! We had wedding events that weekend and it was our first time away from Brewer over night! So thankful for Nana!!

Brewer loves Uncle EE!!

We took Brewer to Barnet Park in Spartanburg for the first time this month!

We had a lake day for Father’s Day weekend!

We had the best time celebrating Father’s Day!! We had a lake day, went to church, did take- out for lunch/ dinner, & hung out at home to celebrate!

Brewer had a date night with us in downtown Spartanburg! We went to Miyako’s for sushi! We love, love, love being a party of 3!

Brewer is still an excellent sleeper!

We love slow, easy mornings!!

He’s the best little companion to run errands with!


Let’s talk about more things Brewer likes:

-He LOVES to laugh & smile! He laughs out loud, so loud! It is the absolute sweetest sound in the world!

-He loves putting his hands in his mouth these days and he’s beginning to put his toys in his mouth.

-He has also noticed his feet and likes to grab them.

-He has even started grabbing onto objects this month.

-Brewer really enjoys laying on the floor, rolling, stretching, & playing with his toys.

-Brewer also notices the dogs a lot more these days! He’s beginning to smile at them!

It’s kind of hard to come up with things that Brewer does not like because he’s such a content baby!

-He still likes his swing but not as much these days. He would rather be on the floor rolling around.

-He doesn’t like to wait on a bottle when he’s hungry.. lol. This chunky monkey likes to EAT.

-I would also say that he’s starting to go through a phase where he likes to be entertained a lot more or else he can get a little fussy. We love making him smile & seeing his personality!

Harry & I truly feel like we are living the absolute best days of our lives. We both turn 30 this year and I have a feeling that our 30’s are going to be the best decade yet!

We have really grasped a good rhythm with all the baby chores! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life! We love our little boy and love taking care of him. He’s our best little buddy!!


We also had spring family photos made this month:

I’m so beyond thankful for these precious memories!

It’s been another amazing month with our sweet boy!

Happy FIVE months to our baby, boy Brewer!

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