Brewer: SEVEN Month Update!

SEVEN months of absolute sweetness!

I didn’t know I needed this sweet, full of life little boy but I did.

God knew we needed this little boy! I can not imagine a life without him.

Brewer can bring a smile to anyone’s day!

We loved this summer filled month with sweet Brewer!

We were at the beach in Charleston when we celebrated 6 months, which means we spent the beginning of month 7 at the beach!

We went back to the beach during month 7 with my family!

Brewer took his first carousel ride on the second beach trip!

We had more lake days this month! You’re looking at 3 generations!!!

We met some very special people this month, although it feels like we have known them for YEARS! Sweet baby Judson and his sweet momma, Emily are our Instagram turned real life friends! Lol! We had so many fun outings with them this month!

Judson and Brewer- aren’t they the cutest little friends!!

The boys and their cool dads! We love the Mabry family!

Brewer started back to daycare this month! The goal is to drop Brewer’s daycare down to 3 days a week instead of 5 after I’m all settled in with my new job!

I’m getting so much more time with him in the mornings now and I’m so grateful for that!

Brewer still loves his jumparoo! He really jumps in it these days! It’s so funny!

He is starting to take little scoots more and more! He continues to roll everywhere he wants to go too!

He continues to love to EAT!! lolololol!

This meme still cracks me up! HA!! I love this cute little chunky monkey!

This is one of Harry’s childhood friends, Nick & Brewer! We were so excited to celebrate Nick & Mary Grace’s sweet baby Reame’s, first birthday!

We had a third wheel on a date night this month LOL!

Brewer continues to love being outside and going for walks!

He LOVES Toy Story! Like loves it, loves it, loves it! Anytime we turn it on in the background, he is GLUED!

He also learned to splish and splash in his pool this month!

He was amazed by the pool! He loved it!!!

Brewer has also been wearing his daddy’s baby clothes to church lately!

A boy & his dog! Fun fact: I bought this cute little outfit back when I was pregnant. I saw it and thought the dog looked just like Ace!! It’s so hard to find things that have Ace’s breed on it because well…. rescue dog! Brewer loves his Acey Pants and Nashy Bashy Bear! Seriously, he laughs OUT LOUD at the dogs!

We celebrated Uncle EE’s birthday this month!

Brewer & I had a night on the town with some friends!

Brewer is also loving story time again! He loves the colors on every page in his books!

Our nighttime routine is my favorite! I love, love, love hanging out with Brewer at night time and rocking him to sleep. It’s the most special part of the day for me!


Let’s talk about some things that Brewer likes:

-He loves for us to make him laugh!

-Babbling & trying to talk

-His toys

-Mango and just about any fruit

-Being outdoors, no matter what we’re doing

-Kicking and splashing in the water

Okay, now some things that Brewer does not like…

-He does not like to ride in the car for more than an hour or so… We learned that coming home from the beach on trip 1. So beach trip #2, we left at 5 AM to drive to the beach and drive home, so he would sleep! IT WORKED!

-Brewer does not like green foods lol! Oh my! He did not like broccolli, spinach, or zouchinni. Thankfully, Little Spoon makes it easier because they mix those veggies with other flavors. He likes it better that way! I highly recommend Little Spoon for baby blend foods! It’s amazing!!

-Brewer does not show his personality in big crowds. He gets over stimulated and he’s not a fan!

Our little wild thing!

Brewer makes it easy to love being parents! He’s such a content, happy baby. It does not take much to make him smile and giggle! It’s such an honor to his mommy & daddy!

Happy 7 months sweet, baby boy, Brewer! We love you, big time!

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