Brewer: 10 month update!

10 whole months!! Double digits! 2 whole hands! How can it be?!

Harry & I were just reminiscing on the past 10 months! It’s been filled with so many snuggles, so much laughter, so many kisses, lots of diapers, lots of sleep loss, and SO many INCREDIBLE memories!

We have watched Brewer grow & learn so much over the past 10 months! We made some great milestones over the past month alone!

Let’s get to all the things!

Brewer celebrated his first Halloween this month!

He’s the cutest little pumpkin I ever did see!

The holidays have been FUN with Brewer! We love experiencing all of these “firsts” with him!

We are loving walking in the cooler weather outside, all cozy & bundled up!

We have also started celebrating the Christmas season!! Ekk!!! SO EXCITED! Christmas is our favorite & I hope it becomes Brewer’s favorite too!

Buddy the Elf arrived at our house! Brewer just wanted to touch it lol, already breaking the rules hahaha!

Brewer sits up really well, he can reach, & grab things. He has also started holding his own bottle & putting food in his mouth.

He has also learned to pull up!

He stands up so well!! Go Brewer go!

Look at all of those teethies!! He loves showing them off!

He LOVES other babies!!

He has so many sweet little friends at daycare that he is around 3X a week.

This is Brewer flirting with sweet Maylin at church!

Nana & Papaw brought/ built Brewer a swing in the backyard this month!

The swing has become his new favorite thing! Look at that little grin!

We spent a Sunday afternoon in downtown Greenville! Brewer LOVES to be outside!

We took a Monday evening trip to the mountains to see the leaves changing colors!

We stopped at my favorite place on earth- Hendersonville! This special place played a big role in my walk with the Lord! I loved every minute being back here with Brewer!

This trip was Harry’s idea! Spur of the moment trips with our Brew Brew are the best!

We also had to stop and get a sweet treat!

We love Kilwins!! Brewer loves their ice cream!

Did you even go to Hendersonville if you didn’t stop at the Mast General Store?!

Brewer also got to meet Santa this month!! Photos to come soon!

We took Christmas family photos this month!

Goodness, I love these boys!

Nana came to town with lots of “Baby’s First Christmas” goodies! We also went to my sweet cousin Stacie’s bridal shower!

He may be 10 months old but he’s still my sweet cuddly baby!

I love this sweet boy so, so much!

Brewer also loves his puppy brothers something serious! He laughs at these pup pups all day long!

Always outdoors! That’s his happy place!

We have begun our Thanksgiving fun this week!


Let’s talk about the other things Brewer is currently loving

-Peek A Boo

-Bath time

-His walking toys

-Mommy & Daddy cheering for him


Let’s talk about some things that Brewer does NOT like:

-car rides that last more than 30 minutes

-diaper/ outfit changes when he’s tired (he fusses & crawls away lol)

-Sitting still for longer than 10 minutes lol! He is all boy & on the move!


If we had to dream about what Brewer would be like prior to his arrival in this world, it wouldn’t come close to how amazing he is in real life!

Brewer is fun. He’s funny. He’s sweet. He laughs all the time. He’s cuddly. He likes to be on the move & doing fun things. His personality is super chill. He’s always babbling & talking to us. He’s our little doodle bop who we absolutely can not imagine life without!


We are so excited to experience this sweet holiday season through his eyes!

Happy 10 months baby, boy, Brewer!

We love you BIG!

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