Cheers to a New Decade!


I can’t believe I’m 30!

I can vividly remember turning 25. I launched this blog on my 25th birthday and here we are, 5 years later!

To read my first EVER blog post, click below:

I’m a blogger!!!

Life has changed a lot in 5 years: We bought a house, added another dog to the fam, had a baby, Harry changed jobs a couple years ago, I just accepted a new job, and SO MUCH MORE!

I always do an annual blog post for my “blog anniversary!” This year, I thought I would recap how I celebrated turning 30 and give a little life update!


The Saturday before my birthday, Harry & my sister, surprised me with all of my favorite people at RJ Rockers in downtown Spartanburg!

They really outdid themselves!! I was so happy to walk into a place and see SO many people who are so special to me!

I love these people so much + all the others who are not pictured! We had a fun evening & Brewer loved all of the attention he got from everyone!

The next morning, Brewer had fun staring at the balloons!! (Peep… there I am pregnant with Brewer in the photo to the right of him & there he is in the chair, nearly 6 months old!)


Then, we were off to the beach for the week!

I had the best time ringing in 30 with a beach day on my actual birthday, with my boys!

We went to dinner at one of our favorite Charleston restaurants (Grace & Grit) to celebrate that evening!

After dinner, we went for a walk on the beach! There is truly nothing better than an evening walk on the beach!

And that’s how I celebrated 30!!!


When I think about this new decade ahead, I get excited!! It’s already brought some changes:

MOTHERHOOD! I mean.. the biggest life change in all of the BEST ways!! This journey is just beginning and I’m so excited! I love being this baby’s momma more than anything in the entire world. I’m so blessed that I get to raise him and have a front row seat in his life for all the years to come!

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my most recent life update! After teaching at the same school for 6 years and having a baby, I have felt God calling me to work from home. I’m so excited to say that I will be teaching virtually for a SC school beginning this coming school year!

I feel so blessed to have taught at the same school for 6 years and grow all of the relationships that God planted there! I taught the sweetest kiddos, worked with very loving families, worked under great leadership, I worked alongside coworkers who are now lifelong friends, and I had an amazing assistant who became a dear friend/ work mom. God called me there 6 years ago and it was a wonderful journey and I know God is calling me into this next chapter too!

I’m so excited to have some flexibility + more time with Brewer but also still do what I love, teach! This new opportunity is also going to challenge me to try something new and continue to grow me as a teacher!


I can’t wait to see all the blessings that God has in store for the next decade!

“…the Lord establishes our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

This verse is so true! We have our own ideas but God always shows up in bigger & better ways to establish our steps!! I’m so thankful for the steps he provided for my 20’s and I can’t wait to see what He does in my 30’s!

I truly feel like I’m living in such a sweet season of life right now! I have a feeling I’m going to love my 30’s!


I also want to thank YOU for continuing to stop by my little corner of the internet and read my blog! It means so much to me that you want to be a part of our lives and follow along. I strive to keep this a happy corner of the internet and I feel so much encouragement from everyone who follows along with us. I love you all so much and you mean so much to me! I have more exciting things in store for the blog over the next year!!

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