The very BEST Dad!

Today’s post is all about this guy!

He just so happens to be the very best husband & dad!!

Disclaimer: You will NEVER hear this guy talking about himself. He has never had a social media account since I’ve known him and he is truly the most humble person I’ve ever met. He doesn’t even know I’m doing this post today but I wanted to brag on him in honor of Father’s Day weekend!

Harry has always been the most amazing husband. Like, if I had to dream of the perfect husband, he wouldn’t even come close to Harry! 

He is a man of God and a wonderful spiritual leader for our household, always puts our family first, he is a hard worker, he inspires me, and a million other things! I knew he would be the very best dad, too!

It has been so heart warming for me to watch Harry be a dad! He loves Brewer with his entire heart and genuinely wants to be an amazing father!

He prays over Brewer. A lot of times, he will stop and pray over him at random times. It’s the sweetest thing in the world. He plays with Brewer, makes him laugh out loud, reads to him, and is very intentional with Brewer!

Harry is always planning little things for us to do as a family; like spend a day in the park, go on an ice cream date, go walking at a different trail, etc! Brewer already looks up to his daddy!

I love hearing Harry talk about his dreams for Brewer. He talks about taking him to cool places, being able to be outside with him one day & throw the ball. Above all, he talks about wanting to teach him Jesus and what it looks like to have that personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. He wants to show Brewer what that looks like by the two of them having a great relationship!

He wants to be the dad who is always there & who Brewer will always want to share his cool stories with!

Harry is one in a million and we’re so grateful that he is ours!

We can’t wait to celebrate this guy all weekend long!

Happy Father’s Day, Harry and to all the other amazing dads out there!!


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