Winter W I L D One!

He’s a W I L D ONE! #WinterStyle

We are still in awe and our hearts are so full from celebrating Brewer’s first birthday with all of our friends & family at his party! #BrewsCrew


Brewer’s birthday unexpectedly turned into 3 weekends full of fun…

We got SO much snow leading up to his actual birthday weekend!

Read all about that, here: Walking in a Winter ONEderland

Brewer’s birthday weekend consisted of lots of fun, just the 3 of us because covid reached our house. We were totally fine and so grateful for that! We did all of Brewer’s favorite things that weekend!

Read all about that, here: Happy 1st Birthday, Brewer!

This past weekend, we had Brewer’s very first birthday party!


Today, I am going to recap all of the birthday party fun!

I had SO much fun planning this baby’s first birthday party!


Let’s start with all of the fun party details:

I knew a year ago that I wanted Brewer’s first party theme to be “Wild One.” His nursery theme is safari + I take all of his monthly milestone pictures with animals + Brewer really does love animals! His puppy brothers are his favorites!

I also wanted to put a winter spin on wild one because Brewer was born on a cozy, winter day! I also just love the light pastel blues of winter. I thought baby blue, gold, mint green, & white were perfect for a baby boy’s first birthday!

This is Brewer’s party invitation!

Once I found an invitation that matched my vision, I let everything flow from there! I used this for inspo when I talked to the cake lady, my friend making banners, etc!

It matched my vision perfectly for winter wild one! // I searched high and low to find a “wild one” invitation with a winter look! I found this on a website called Zazzle.

This was Brewer’s sweet little outfit for his photos and party!

It’s currently sold out in the long sleeve/ winter look, but I did find this exact design in short sleeve attire:

Smocked Birthday Outfit

I chose an outfit to go with the party theme too!

Shop my look, here:

Detailed Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

White Heel Ankle Booties

We had Brewer’s party at the SMC studio in downtown Spartanburg! It was perfect and sentimental for us because Harry & I both attended Spartanburg Methodist College and Harry works at the college as the associate director of admissions!

I had a welcome sign made to match Brewer’s party invitation!

Welcome to the party!!

I took all of Brewer’s birthday portraits!

Contact me at Kristen Cochran Photography for all of your lifestyle photography needs!

I can not recommend the studio enough! It’s the perfect space for hosting a party or event. Plus it’s in the heart of Spartanburg in downtown, right next to Spill the Beans coffee shop!

The studio has tables & chairs, plus a screen that I was able to use to dusslide show of Brewer’s first year throughout the party!

There’s a little seating area when you walk into the studio with chairs and sofas. I took these photos from Brewer’s dresser to use on the glass table in the seating area!

Brewer’s little “All About Me” corner!

I purchased a pack of animal balloons to display throughout the event space!

Find those, here: Safari Animal Balloons

I also had a “wild one” favorite things board made! I purchased this as a digital download and had it printed at our local Walgreens!

Shop the board, here: Wild One Favorite Things Board

Brewer Anderson..

Gift Table!

The “1” balloon was also part of the animal balloon pack: Wild 1 Balloon Pack

Fun Fact: I bought a few ivory table cloths several years ago when I hosted a baby shower. They always come in handy and it’s nice to have a few for events/ parties!

Ivory Table Cloth

The Happy Birthday banner came in a duo pack with the photo milestone banner!

Birthday/ Milestone Banners

Welcome to the “snow ball” pit!

I love this ball pit because it will collapse, fold up, and can be tucked away in a bag. It’s great for traveling! I also think this ball pit can be used on the beach with water or many other ways!

Brewer has a smaller ball pit at home that Santa brought him! It came with the mint green, gray, and white balls.

We used the balls from his ball pit at home + bought some more in a blue color for the party!

Shop the ball pit pictured, here: Ball Pit

Find the balls, here: Balls for Ball Pit

I created this little set- up for photos!

Find the banner, here: Wild One Backdrop

Find the balloon arch, here: Blue, Gold, White, & Mint Balloon Arch

Little table with photo props!

Party Hats

Safari Animals

Table Set- Ups:

Gold/ Blue Table Cloths

Foil Spray Centerpieces

I also placed the animal decor in the middle of the centerpieces:

Safari Animal Decor


I found a freebie coloring sheet online to match the party theme!

Another close look at the tables!

It made things so easy that the event space had tables/ chairs!

One Wild Year!

I knew if I hung the milestone banner on these glass windows, it would be hard to see, so I gave it a backdrop!

I already had lots of bulletin board supplies (teacher life) so that was great!

The milestone banner came in a duo pack with the Happy Birthday Banner, mentioned earlier:

Birthday/ Milestone Banners


I lined the bulletin board paper with ribbon that looks like a vine! It came in a huge amount! Find that, here:

Green Vine Ribbon


My creative & talented friend, Natalie made this banner!

She has her own banner business! Find her on IG: NCpartybanners

Natalie also has her own creative art page on IG: NatalieKateArt

I used the snowflakes/ vine on this backdrop too:


Green Vine Ribbon

More animal balloons!

The giraffe balloon was part of the animal balloon pack I mentioned earlier:

Safari Animal Balloons

The elephant balloon was purchased separately:

Elephant Balloon

Sweet baby!!

Cake Table!

Ivory Table Cloth

AnnaVee let me borrow her eucalyptus garland! Fun fact: she used this garland at the sweet baby shower she hosted for Brewer & I!

I found matching garland, here:

Eucalyptus Garland

Fun fact: we used the cake server/ knife from our wedding at his party!

A lady in my hometown made Brewer’s birthday cake!

She did an amazing job! Check out her cake business on Facebook: To the Moon and Back Cakes

(Psst.. the cake had already been made when we had to postpone Brewer’s party by one week when covid reached our house. The cake lady froze it for us for an entire week and it still tasted amazing!!)

I gave the cake lady his birthday invitation and she did an amazing job matching the cake to the party theme, winter wild one!

Find the cake topper, here: Wild One Cake Topper

Find the little candle on Brewer’s smash cake, here: 1 Candle

We also had some cupcakes made for the party!

Find the cupcake toppers, here:

Gold Animal Cupcake Toppers

This little area was set- up for smash cake time!

The blue streamer backdrop came from Target!

Wild One Balloon

My sweet friend Natalie also made the high chair banner! She’s the best!!

Find Natalie’s banner business on IG: NCpartybanners

Find her art page on IG, here: NatalieKateArt

I ordered this sweet little bib for smash cake time!

Find that, here: First Birthday Bib

Look at those sweet little hand & feet prints! We made this little craft on his birthday!

We had the food table set- up in the back area room!

Table decor:

Table Cloth

Foil Spray Centerpieces

Safari Animal Decor

Green Vine Ribbon

I made the little name plate cards for food!

I framed a few of his birthday portraits for table decor back here, too!

Wild Berries

Animal Crackers

Animal Treats

(chicken nugget tray)



Trail Mix

Bear Claws

(mini cinnamon rolls)

Safari Sandwiches

(turkey & feta // my sister who loves to cook made these for the party!! They were so good!)

For the Baby Animals

(yogurt pouches)

Lemonade/ Water

Hot Chocolate Bar!

Hot chocolate is key for a winter party LOL!

I found a big pack of insulated cups that came with straws and lids!

Shop those, here: Disposable Insulated Cups

Party Favor Table!

Ivory Table Cloth

AnnaVee also let me borrow her lambs ear garland that she used at the baby shower she hosted at her house for Brewer & I!

I found matching garland, here:

Lambs Ear Garland

The Lion balloon was also a part of the animal balloon pack:

Safari Animal Balloons

I started a new little tradition with this! I want to start finding a book that goes with each party theme for guests to sign. That way, Brewer will always have a book to help treasure the memories of his birthday with his favorites! #BrewsCrew

Shop this book, here: Where the Wild Things Are

Bags of animal crackers for party favors!

Find the sticker tags, here:

Thank you for Coming- Stickers!

How cute are these little wild animal keychains!!

We also used these as party favors for the littles!

Shop these, here: Plush Animals

*I used frames from my house to frame the little signs that you see!*


Okay, that completes all of the party details!


Let’s talk about the party itself!

Look at that little grin! Lol he knew it was his party!

Brewer had a ball, literally!

We had the best time with family…

…and sweet friends!

Singing Happy Birthday to our baby with all of our family & friends is something that we will never forget!

Such a special memory!

The smash cake was a hit! Brewer loves anything sweet! Lol he is definitely my baby!

We will treasure these memories forever and ever!!

Birthday boy was eventually birthday tired! LOL

It was such a fun first birthday party!

Check out his new birthday whip from Nana & PaPaw!

After the party, he rode up & down the sidewalk in downtown Spartanburg in his new ride! Lol!!

Shop his car, here: Push Car

Here are more fun memories from that day:

So. Much. Fun!!!

After the party, Harry & I were in awe for a long time! We have been blessed with the most amazing community of family & friends to do life with! Seeing the people we love, love on our baby is so, so special! We are so grateful for each & every one of you!

(So many not pictured!)

We love you!


We had one more day of birthday fun planned the day after his party!

We took the w i l d one to the Zoo!

Look at that happy face!! He was so intrigued by all the animals!

Especially the giraffes!!

His safari nursery & party animals came to life!

We also took him to build his very first build a bear!

This place was my jam when I was a kid!

Brewer loved it too! He loved watching the big machine full of cotton spin round and round!

We had the sweetest time making, “Bear!”


Best weekend ever!

We can’t believe we have a little wild ONE!

Read Brewer’s 12 month update, here:


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