Walking in a Winter ONEderland

Waking up to a dreamy January snow on Sunday morning felt so magical!

My heart has always loved the magic of winter!

Winter snows are so beautiful, winter feels so cozy, and it truly does feel magical in the air!

Brewer and I read this book the night before it was supposed to snow in hopes that it would!

I couldn’t wait to get Brewer up and show him all the snow! It was the perfect way to begin his first birthday week- with a winter ONEderland!

Two happy puppies!!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a snow bib?!

We couldn’t wait to get outside in the snow!!

“Woah… this stuff is cool!!”

I sure do love my sweet little winter baby!

My boys!!

Also.. my boys!!

The snow kept falling & falling!

I’d say we got about a foot of snow!

We took a snow break to watch, “Frosty the Snowman!”

Snow day snuggles with daddy!

It’s only right if you have chili for dinner on a snow day + snow cream!

After dinner, we went for a little winter wonderland walk! We tried to push Brewer in his stroller but it wouldn’t budge in the snow lol! It was so thick!

Snow days in the Meadow really are special!

That completes snow day #1!

Brewer woke up ready for snow day #2!!

“Okay mommy, I’m ready!”

Day 1 was SO windy with the snow falling steady throughout the day! We saved all the sledding for day 2!

We used Brewer’s inflatable bathtub that we used at the beach last summer for sledding! LOL!

It made the perfect baby sled!

Brewer is such an adrenaline junkie!! He loves anything he can do that involves moving or going fast!

After sledding we took a little break….

….to make cupcakes!

This little guy loved being mommy’s helper!

Birthday warm- up! LOL!

That afternoon, we were ready to go back out for more fun!!

We made Frosty come to life!!!

Brewer was so darn proud when we set him next to his real life snowman! He was so giddy!

We will treasure these moments forever!!

And that wraps up snow day #2!!

The snow stayed on the ground pretty much all week!! We enjoyed lots of mornings like this!

We went for lots of snowy walks once we were able to push the stroller on the street again!

I couldn’t imagine anything better than a dreamy winter ONEderland to begin Brewer’s birthday week!!

It was truly so special & felt so magical!


No Fab Friday post this month!! I wanted to recap our snow days instead! This is also my only blog post this week but I have super fun posts coming your way next week for Brewer’s birthday fun!! Stay Tuned!

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