Brewer’s First Christmas

What a sweet, sweet Christmas season it has been! One that I will always remember…

Today, I am recapping Brewer’s very first Christmas!

It was amazing in every way! Holding Brewer this Christmas season made me think about Mary holding baby Jesus. I can only imagine how she must have felt!

Brewer was 11 months old for his very first Christmas. He had so much personality & curiosity for his first Christmas, which made it so sweet and special!

We did so many fun, festive traditions with Brewer this Christmas season including:

Decorating the house!

The Clover Christmas Parade

The Spartanburg Christmas Parade!

Meeting Santa for the first time!

Family Christmas Photos

Sweetest little baby ever!

Nashy Bear was even feeling the Christmas spirit!

Say cheese if you love Christmas!!

We celebrated Harry’s 30th with a surprise Christmas party at home!

We dropped off doggie treats at the local animal shelter! This is where we got our sweet Ace who is a big part of our family!

Christmas coffee date with sweet friends!

AnnaVee and I had our annual nutcracker night out!

Gingerbread house making!

Brewer took his first trip to The Grove Park Inn!

Brewer was living his best life in that rocking chair by the fire!

We made the sweetest memories with Brewer at a place that is so special to us! Harry & I honeymooned at The Grove Park when we got married!

The Christmas House in Inman!

The pup pups love this tradition too! 🙂

Photo shoot with cousin Eleanor!

The cutest little reindeer I have ever seen!

This baby was loving his first Christmas experience!

We had a Charlie Brown Christmas night at home!

We love Charlie Brown!!

Jammy Coco Christmas!

We read lots and lots of Christmas books!

We watched all the Christmas movies including, The Polar Express!

Christmas service at church!

Anniversary dinner at home on our wedding china!

My favorite tradition is our little family, Christmas dinner at home..

Dinner & cupcakes to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

And reading the Bible story about Jesus’ birth with Brew Brew!!

My family came to town to go see Christmas lights… Holly Wild light safari!

Ethan (EE) then & now! Lol


All of those sweet traditions were so fun leading up to Christmas! Things just got even sweeter when it was time to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

On Christmas Eve, we woke up and had a little Christmas Eve breakfast at home!

Brew Brew had a morning bath!! He LOVES bath time!!

Brewer opened his Christmas Eve present that morning! It’s tradition that you get new jammies on Christmas Eve!

That’s a tradition that I grew up with and I’m so excited to do that with my family for all the years to come!

Then, we headed to Harry’s parents house to spend Christmas Eve!

There was lots of Christmas Eve fun and a secret Santa gift exchange with the siblings!

Brewer was living his best life in this little walker outside on the patio at Honey & Grandads house!

Brewer’s drink vs mine

My boys!!

It was a fun day with family!


Then, we headed home, put on our Christmas jammies and did our night before Christmas, traditions!

Brewer opened one more present that night! It was stuffed animals that look like his real life puppies, Ace & Nash!

We left milk & cookies for Santa! (Brewer loved the cookies too!)

Then, we read, “The Night before Christmas.”

And to all a good night…

After Brewer went to sleep, Santa made his stop at our house!

I’ve dreamed of doing this my entire life!

His whittle stocking melts my heart!

Santa visits the pup pups too!!


Christmas morning came and this mama was so excited! I gave Brewer his morning “baba” and we headed to the living room!

This little baby sure was excited!!

He immediately fell in love with his presents from Santa!

I’ve literally dreamed of these moments my entire life!

It was the best Christmas morning in every way!

Fun Fact: Brewer loves Toy Story, like he is OBSESSED!! He got his very own Buzz light year on Christmas morning!

Ace was living his best life too!

So was Nash!!

So. Much. Fun.

We took a little break after playing with presents from Santa to eat Christmas morning breakfast! Breakfast casserole & muffins for the win!

Then, we opened presents that were under the tree!

“Did Santa turn his head that one time I cried?” Lol

Christmas kisses!


PaPa Bear, Mama Bear, & Little Bear

Those baby bear slippers!! Ahh!!

Harry’s mom gave us these matching robes & slippers! I’m obsessed!!


Then, we packed up and headed to Clover for Christmas round 2!!

Look at this sweet ornament on my mom’s tree!

Santa made a stop in Clover too!

Remember me mentioning earlier how much Brewer loves Toy Story! Santa left Buzz light year at our house & Woody in Clover at Nana and PaPaw’s house! So special!!

Brewer was loving this whole Christmas Day thing!

We finally changed out of our jammies!!

Happy baby!!

Papaw, Ethan, & Brew Brew!!

That little Santa hat!!

Nana & her little elves!

We Christmas-ed so hard!!



Experiencing all of the joys of Christmas through sweet Brewer’s eyes made it a very special Christmas to remember!


I’m already looking forward to next Christmas! Truly the most magical time of year..


Thank you for reliving Brewer’s first Christmas season with me on the blog today! Catch me back here for my annual, yearly recap later this week!

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