Happy 1st Birthday, Brewer!

Happy 1st Birthday, baby boy Brewer!! 🎉

“For you are fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalms 139

Brewer, you are happy, you are silly, you are snuggly, you are innocent, you are sweet, and you are the greatest gift God has ever given your Daddy & I!

It’s been a year filled with joy, laughter, kisses, snuggles, many “firsts”, and so much love! We can’t wait for many more years just like this one!

We love you BIG TIME, Brewer!!💙🥳

Before I get to the birthday recap, let’s walk down memory lane of Brewer’s entrance to the world!

Goodness, these memories bring me so much joy!

1-23-21 will always be the most incredible day of my life!

Fun Fact: the numerals of Brewer’s birthdate are the same forwards & backwards!

Brewer officially turned 1 yesterday!!

We had the sweetest day celebrating our little ONE year old!

We had other things planned this weekend like his first birthday party! However, Covid reached our home last week, so that means we get to extend the birthday celebrations a little longer!

We had a fun filled day just the 3 of us with all of Brewer’s favorite things!

Here’s a little recap of how we spent his first birthday:

I started this prayer journal when I was pregnant with Brewer! I spent time journaling here prior to the birthday boy waking up!

I really can not put into words how grateful we are for him! God is SO good! I mean… SOOO GOOD!

Rise and shine birthday boy!!

We had a little birthday set- up waiting for him in the living room!

He was obsessed with the birthday balloons!

He started catching onto the whole birthday thing when sweet FaceTime calls started coming in!

All of our family called to sing Happy Birthday to him!

We spent the morning opening some presents and soaking in these sweet moments with our birthday boy!

-Harry made a big birthday breakfast

– We watched Brewer’s favorite movie in the entire world- Toy Story // his obsession for this movie is next level!!! LOL!

Soon after we got him dressed and ready for the day, he took a birthday nap! Look at this position, lol! Birthday boy was tired and mommy was enjoying all the birthday snuggles!

Then, we took Brewer on a little nature walk!

Brewer LOVES to be outside!!

We even found some snow still on the ground during our walk!

We got home and Auntie AnnaVee was there waiting with presents!! She’s the best!!!!

Brewer was so excited!! We love Auntie AV!!

Then, it was time for a birthday cupcake smash!!

Brewer’s face: “Give me that cupcake now, mommy!”

Brewer has a big sweet tooth like his mommy!

The face says it all! Lol!

Next, we did some yogurt finger painting in the bath tub!

We took plain yogurt and dyed it blue!

The rest of our night was spent:

-Making this sweet baby craft (this is truly my favorite kind of art work!)

-Brewer splished and splashed in the bath tub with every bath toy that he owns! He LOVES bath time!!

-We played in the ball pit and with all of his other favorite toys!

-After dinner, birthday boy was birthday tired! Lol!

We rocked Brewer to sleep reading our favorite book in the entire world, “On the Night you were Born.”

Here’s a another little flash back:

I read this book to him a lot when he was first born! It was even packed in my hospital bag!

And that was how we rang in his very first birthday! It was sweet, simple, and it included all of Brewer’s favorite things!


This morning, Brewer woke up to another birthday surprise from Aunt Kacy!!

What’s better than a cupcake filled with cookies!!

The way Brewer looks at a cookie makes me LOL! Boy, he is definitely my baby!!

Thank you for the yummy birthday delivery, Aunt Kacy!! We love you!


We can’t wait to celebrate with all of, “Brew’s Crew” next weekend!!


I’m going to leave you with Brewer’s 1st birthday photos!

All photos were taken by me!

Check out my photography page if you haven’t already: Kristen Cochran Photography


We love our birthday baby more than anything in this world!

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