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Add photography to my resume!

I’m now in the business to capture your special moments!


If you follow me on social media, I’ve had y’all guessing all weekend what I’ve been up to! Y’all had some great answers but not too many people thought photography!

So where did this all come from…..

I’m so excited to tell you!

Growing up, if you asked me what I wanted to be, my answers were always a teacher and a photographer. I went to college to fulfill one of those dreams and it has been great for me!

I love teaching! I’ve shared with you all before that I taught at the same school for 6 years and it was amazing. I transitioned into teaching virtually from home this school year and I still love it!

I actually gave a little update on how all that is going in my most recent, “Life Lately” blog post, here:

Life Lately


Back to photography! That passion never really went away. I love taking photos and capturing sweet memories for my life and others!

I feel like I have a good eye for it and I love the creativity that comes with photography! I especially love bright, happy, and timeless photos. Those speak to my heart! 

It’s funny, when we do photo sessions with photographers for our family, I always find myself calling the shots and choosing what we should do for photos. When in group settings, a lot of my friends or my family will ask me to take the photos because they know I enjoy it and I’ll do my best to deliver the images that they’re looking for!

Photography also excites me because I love people and photo shoots are just a fun way to be around people! No one is unhappy when having their photos taken- (well maybe a few people who have spouses dragging them along for pictures on game night LOL!)


It’s crazy what becoming a momma will do to you, too!

I have found myself having more courage, chasing dreams, and really living out the, “follow your heart” mentality since having Brewer!

Being a mom is my first and most important job! I transitioned into teaching from home because I wanted flexibility with Brewer, so I made that change and it’s been awesome! Photography will also provide flexibility as I get to some what dictate the schedule.

God has kept this passion on my heart for a reason and I’m excited to see what God does through this.   He has shown up in big and mighty ways for me this year!


You will now find information for my photography business under a new tab at the top of my blog, home page, labeled “photography.”

Check out my photography page and learn more, here:


Your support means the world!

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