Tell All Tuesday: Christmas Cards!

It’s the Tuesday before Christmas!!

Only 4 more sleeps til Santa comes!

I am so excited for Christmas! I’m excited every year but this year, we have sweet Brewer and my heart is bursting at the thought of him on Christmas morning!

Today’s Tell All Tuesday post, is about our Christmas cards!

Each year, I love displaying all of our Christmas cards from years past in order. It’s like they tell a little story and it makes my heart so happy!

This marks year 6 that we have sent Christmas cards! I’m so excited to share them all on the blog today!



This was our very first Christmas card!

We got married the week of Christmas in 2015, so we sent our very first Christmas card with a wedding photo in 2016!



We have so many memories in our early years of marriage of just the 2 of us! Plus Acey Pants! Ace has been there for it all and it makes my heart so happy! He is so special to us!



This year was special! The photo on the card was taken at my mom’s wedding! We also bought our house this year. We included our new address, “home for the holidays” for our friends & family!



It was a very New York Christmas this year! We took a trip to New York a couple weeks before Christmas. It was my first time visiting the big city! It was incredible being there at Christmas time!



What a special time! We were awaiting our best gift ever this time last year! Our precious baby boy was on lay away for one more month! It was so exciting anticipating his sweet arrival!

We also added Nash to our family this year so Ace would have a friend! Nash is so full of personality. We love that little rascal!



My favorite card to date! Our precious baby arrived this year and it has truly been the most incredible time of our lives!

Best gift ever!


Every year brings new memories to last a lifetime!


I love Christmas cards so much! I love sending them and I love receiving them!

I love the good cheer they bring to our home each and every year!

These cards & the families they represent are so special to us!

After Christmas is over, I pack up the cards and store them in ziplock bags with the year labeled on them! They are so fun to look back at and see how the Lord has blessed all of our people!


Jesus is the sweet reason for this beautiful season.

Without him there wouldn’t be Christmas cards filled with joy & wonderful memories shared with loved ones.

Jesus came as a baby in a manager to save us all. There is peace and forgiveness in his love that allows us to live freely and make joyful memories.

What a blessing Jesus has been to our lives! He is my reason, my why, my “get up and go” everyday!

Friends, don’t miss the reason for this special holiday season! Jesus is the real gift!


I can only imagine how Mary felt holding baby Jesus for the first time…

..Merry Little Christmas..

We hope your Christmas is filled with so much love and joy!

Love, Harry, Kristen Brewer, Ace, & Nash


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