Fab Friday: Gift Guides

Happy Friday!!

I hope you all had the best Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Who is shopping for Black Friday today? I’m not one of those people who wait in line at midnight or wake up early to go to the mall or anything! BUT, at some point today, I will venture out somewhere. I feel like it is just tradition to do some sort of shopping on Black Friday! So, I will make my way out to the crowds sometime today for just a little bit!

This is my third blog post this week. Usually, I share 5 items on Fab Friday posts. Today, I wanted to do some gift guides to help y’all with your shopping! I’ll do a gift guide for grown- ups & another for babies!


Let’s start with my gift guide for grown- ups!

1. Kindle– I’ve kinda been eyeing a kindle lately! I love that you can download books straight to your kindle, books aren’t taking up space after they’ve been read, it’s cheaper to download books to the kindle vs. buying an actual book, and the kindle is so easy to travel with!

Shop the kindle, here: Kindle

2. Dog Camera– We have a very similar camera at our house that we use to see the dogs when we’re not home. It can also be used as a baby monitor, etc. This camera is also super affordable.

Check it out, here: Dog Camera

3. Doormat– Everyone can use a new doormat right?! I’ve given these to family members, I’ve used them for Secret Santa gifts, and gift exchanges!

Shop this doormat, here: Doormat

4. Framed Photos– You can never go wrong with framed photos for your loved ones. We live in such a tech savvy world that often, people do not take the time to frame photos anymore. Frame some special memories for your loved ones this year and they will love it! I’m loving this super neutral frame that will go well with anyone’s home decor! It’s super affordable too!

Shop the photo frame, here: Picture Frame

5. Kristen Cochran Photography Gift Certificate

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas?! 🎁🎁🎁

I recently collaborated with a client who wanted to give the gift of a photo session to a dear family! The family who received this gift was SO excited!!

The gift of a photo session really is priceless! These are captured memories that can be kept forever!

Contact me today if you would like to purchase a gift certificate for a photo session for your loved ones! 📸

Check out my photography page, here:

Kristen Cochran Photography


Okay, now let’s talk about gifts for little ones!

They are so much fun to shop for!

1. Interactive Book– Every little one needs a book for Christmas, right?! This book is an interactive book that your little one will be sure to love!

Shop this book, here: Hear Bear Roar

2. Stacking rings- These stacking rings are fun, affordable, and will entertain your little one! I love the different texture on all of these rings!

Shop, here: Stacking Rings

3. Glow and Roll Monkey- Aww! This monkey is my favorite! He’s so much fun and Brewer loves him. This toy is great for babies who are crawling or learning to crawl! He’s also just fun for all babies to watch. He sings, rolls, and glows!

Shop monkey, here: Glow and Roll Monkey

4. Ball Pit– This is a bigger item that all little ones will love! From babies to toddlers, I think they will all find unending entertainment with this!

Shop, here: Ball Pit

5. Play Kitchen- This is also a bigger gift! Is this play kitchen not adorable?! I love the neutral color of it! I’ve never met a child who does not love a play kitchen. I’ve worked with littles for a long time and they all love it!

Shop this one, here: Play Kitchen


I hope y’all will find these gift guides helpful as you complete your Christmas shipping! I hope y’all have a great weekend!!

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