A Day in the Life

Happy Monday Everyone!!

This was supposed to be, “A Day in the Life” post from yesterday- Sunday, November 21st. All day long though, I sorta forgot to document the day LOL!

So instead, I will give you all a little run down of our Sunday and share some of our family Christmas photos!


Y’all.. this little boys face! He just melts me!!


So yesterday, we woke up around 7! We had a low key morning. Brewer actually had a runny nose so we didn’t want to risk him getting worse or getting others sick before Thanksgiving fun! So, Harry went to church while Brewer & I watched from home!

Brewer had a good ole time playing with his puppy brothers! Excuse the mess & chaos going on in the living room! LOL!

Daddy’s back from church!!

We hung around the house, prepared some food, & got a little organized for the week until it was time to head to my sister’s house in Charlotte for Thanksgiving round 1!

I took 3 photos the entire evening lol!

Photo 1- these 2 little turkeys!

Photo 2- Brewer: “What is my uncle EE doing??”

Photo 3- Eleanor thought it was funny to look at everyone from upstairs! Lol


It was an evening full of food, apple cider, back porch fires, & fun to kick off the week of Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year! I’m not even certain that thankful is the right word. We grew our family this year and Brewer has added so much joy, love, and laughter to our lives!

I know this is going to be such a sweet holiday season!



I hope y’all have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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