Beachin’ with a Baby!

Oh how different our summer beach trips were this year!!

They were so much sweeter, way more memorable, way more fun, and a lot more work! LOL!

Brewer became a great little beach baby this summer! He did great!

Traveling with a baby can be tricky because you feel like you’re packing your entire house because a baby needs SO MANY THINGS! I tried to think about what our day looked like at home with Brewer and think about the daily essentials we would need+ things a baby would need on the beach.

Gone are the days that all I need for the beach is a towel & sunglasses LOL!

I’m going to share what beachin’ it looked like for us with a baby + link some things that we found helpful while traveling! I think we did a great job of not taking TOO many things yet still took things we knew would be purposeful to have!


We took 2 beach trips this summer. Our first trip was to Isle of Palms! We visit Isle of Palms in Charleston just about every summer! Harry’s grandparents had a house there when Harry was growing up, so now we love going back to visit the family beach house for vacations!

We spent a week here at IOP!

My MaMa tee: Found at Southern Charm Boutique in Inman, SC

We spent the day time just beachin it! We were lucky to have overcast weather so it never got too hot.

We knew we had to have some sort of canopy for Brewer on the beach. A friend told me about this tent and let me borrow hers and it was PERFECT! It was easy to pop up/ take down, it’s big enough for us to all sit under, provided great shade for Brewer, and it has zipper windows all around if you want to feel the breeze!

Find it here: Tent

So the number one question we got is, what is that little pool thingy? Haha, well it’s actually an inflatable baby bathtub. I thought it would be nice to use at the beach for Brewer because we could put a little bit of water in it to cool him off and hey, it worked!! We also would spray it out and wipe it down and use it back at the beach house for Brewer’s bath time. I mean, we couldn’t actually bring his real baby bathtub to the beach, so this worked! We got a lot of use out of it!

Find it here: Inflatable Bathtub

You see all of our beach toys? Those were also a big win for Brewer! I bought these from Amazon and they came in a little carry on bag and everything. It was a good variety because it had a little water pail, a water tower wheel that he thought was cool, shovels, pails for filling the inflatable tub with water on the beach, and more!

Find our beach toys, here: Beach Toys

This baby just melts me! He was such a little trooper at the beach! He handled it all like a champ!

I love his sun protectant swimwear! This swimwear was super comfortable and breathable. It did not have any elastic around the waist, they just zip right up! I bought a pack of 2!

Find them, here: Baby Swimwear

This portable take along swing is everything! At home, Brewer has so many things so sit and play in: his bouncy seat, his jumparoo, his high chair, his big swing, etc. It’s important to still have something to put baby in while traveling. This portable swing is perfect! You can adjust the swing level for how slow/ fast it goes, it plays music which is amazing, and it has toys that hang. We used this a lot on vacation, even while feeding Brewer!

Find it, here: Portable Swing

I turned 30 while we were on Vacation!

My entire outfit came from Southern Charm Boutique in Inman, SC!

And how handsome does Brewer look in his outfit the night of my birthday?! Ahh, I love this boy!

Find Brewer’s cute tee, here: MaMa’s my Girl Tee

We went for walks on the beach just about every evening with Brewer! I didn’t really want to take his nice stroller through all the sand on the beach so I bought this super affordable umbrella stroller to take with us for beach walks! This stroller did amazing on the beach!

I bought this stroller in solid black. I no longer see that listed but here is a black/ teal umbrella stroller:

Umbrella Stroller

Brewer loves his daddy!

Brewer experienced sleeping in a pack & play for the first time, on this trip! He loved it!! He fell right asleep and slept through the entire night just like he does at home!

Find our pack & play, here: Baby Trend Pack and Play

Like father, like son!

Each day, we would beach it for an hour or two, take a break- go inside, then go back on the beach for another hour. A couple of days throughout the week, we went to some fun shopping centers. We tried to get ready for dinner early and be at dinner right at 5 each night. That way, we beat the crowds + made it back for a walk on the beach + Brewer could still go to sleep around his usual time, 8ish.

After Brewer went to sleep each night, we would sit on the porch and have a glass of wine. One night, our friends who live in Charleston- Chelsea & Scott came over and we did dinner at the beach house!

Brewer also turned 6 months old while we were on this trip!!!

His cute little outfit came from a Facebook group I am a part of called: Boys Rock Smocks! All of my boy mama’s, you will love this page! Go check it out!!

Two happy parents!!

We made the best memories with our little family during this week that we will treasure forever!



Onto beach trip #2 of the summer….

Brewer and I spent a few days at the beach with my family! Harry had to work this week.

We pretty much used the same things this beach trip that we used the first beach trip! Everything worked so well for us during that first trip!

His little swim outfit came in the pack of 2 that I mentioned above!

Shop it, here: Baby Swimwear

This beach trip was so special because it was Brewer’s first beach trip with my family! I love seeing Brewer and cousin Eleanor together!! They are the sweetest!

Shop Brewer’s outfit, here: Lighthouse Outfit


These babies sure are spoiled by their grandparents!

This sweet baby took his first carousel ride on this trip!

I love making first time memories with this sweet boy!

Aww! Look at these 2!! Ethan started high school this week!! Like what!! I can remember holding him like this when he was a baby!! I’m never ever blinking!

It was a staring competition, lol! Brewer enjoyed hanging out with Uncle Austin!

Brewer became the best little beach baby this summer!

I believe this exact bubble outfit is sold out but I linked a super cute, similar outfit here:

Baby Boy Smocked Crab Outfit



Thankful for these beach memories with our baby!


Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Beach Toys

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