10 Years of Dating!

Exactly 10 years ago on November 7th, 2012.. this guy asked me out! And boy what a decade it’s been!

This is our very first photo together and it still gives me butterflies!

We got married over the past decade but we certainly have not stopped dating! Harry still remembers to date me all these years later!

Our wedding anniversary is December 19th and that is of course the anniversary that we celebrate! I also thought that TEN years of dating deserved a blog post because that’s pretty significant!

In honor of ten years, I am going to share 10 highlights from the past decade:

1. Meeting– Harry and I met in the late summer of 2012. I had just started working as a leasing consultant in the office of the apartment complex, where I lived. About a week later, Harry came in looking for an apartment and bam.. I leased him, his very first apartment! Harry would come to the office to “work out” and chit chat until he finally asked for my number! The rest is history!

2. Ace– Very early on in our dating years, I wanted a puppy! Harry went to the local shelter and came home to tell me about this cute puppy he saw there. Later that afternoon, he took me to the shelter and I knew the moment I saw that cute pup, that he would be coming home with me! Ace will be 10 in January and he’s been here for it ALL! Ace is a part of EVERY aspect of our story. He is SO, SO special to us and forever our first baby!

Read more about Ace, here: All About Ace

3. Dating/ Engagement- If you’ve read my recent blog posts then you know that we were talking and started dating around Halloween. He surprised me with Halloween candy on my car and that’s when I “knew.” 2 years later, we got engaged on Halloween night, so that is pretty magical and special to us! We got engaged at the fountain in the sprinkling rain in the middle of Sparkle City! There was no hidden photographer or music around. Just him and I on Halloween night in the middle of our cute downtown! We asked a nice guy walking by to take this photo after and it’s the only photo we have of that exact moment! I would relive it over and over, just like that, forever!

Read more about that, here: Halloweekend

4. Graduation– Harry and I graduated college at USC Upstate the same day/ year, May 5th, 2015! We were there to push each other to work hard and get the degree! Harry was also there pushing me along when I got my masters degree several years later. We went through lots of schooling and late nights together!

5. Jobs– We did put those degrees to good use! We have seen each other through new jobs and pushed each other to work hard in every role we took on! For Harry- working at a local middle school, admissions at USC Upstate where we graduated, and now he’s the associate director of admissions at Spartanburg Methodist College, where we are also both alumni. For me, I taught kindergarten & preK at an elementary school in our county. Then, I transitioned to teaching kindergarten virtually from home when I took on the best job of all, being a mommy!

6. Marriage– We wed the week of Christmas, almost 7 years ago! We both love Christmas so much, so we thought what better time of year to get married than the most magical time of year! It was everything and more that we could have ever dreamed of! We actually got married on Harry’s grandparents wedding anniversary!

Read more, here: 12.19.15

7. Homeowners- We lived in an apartment for 3 years after we got married at the age of 24. Buying our first house in 2018 was pretty significant! We still call that little house on the meadow, home! We love it so much and we’ve made the BEST memories here over the last 4 years! It really is, “home!”

See more, here: Home Sweet Home

8. New York City Christmas- This is hands down the best trip we have EVER taken! Christmas is so special to us because that’s when we said, “I Do.” Experiencing NYC during Christmas was absolutely fabulous! I’ll never forget it. Ever. We did everything that trip: broadway shows, we saw the rockets, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 memorial, time square, Central Park, “the” Christmas tree, and we ate lots of NY pizza and cheesecake!

Read all about that trip, here:

Welcome to New York

9. Nash– We added Nashy Bashy Bear to our family during the middle of a pandemic! We drove to a farm in Virginia and picked up 5 lb of fluff. He was the perfect addition to our family and best brother for Ace! He keeps things extra sweet and entertaining at our house!

Read more, here: Welcome Home Nash

10. Brewer– And then there was Brew Brew! He has changed our lives in all of the BEST ways! We talked about becoming parents 10 years ago and now we are living those days. We truly believe we are living the BEST days of our lives, right now!

I started this post with our first photo ever! This is our latest photo taken together- yesterday after an amazing church service followed by brunch on our downtown square at our favorite place- Cribbs!

And that… is TEN YEARS of forever dating!

*I’ll be back on the blog, Thursday!*

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