Where do I even begin? Harry and I celebrated our one year anniversary this week so I’ve been reminiscing a lot on our wedding day and wishing we could turn back time and relive the best day of our lives.

These are some of the things I’ve been reminiscing on:

My favorite part was my dress!! When I started dress shopping, I had NO idea what I wanted. I tried on everything from tight fit and long sleeves to this one; strapless, and big ball gown style dress. I believe that when you put on the right dress, you just KNOW! That is exactly how I felt with this dress. I truly felt like a bride in this dress and besides, what other day in my life will I be allowed to wear a big cupcake dress and get away with it?

I wore white heels (although I used red heels as a prop during my bridal portraits) that I found online. My earrings came from Etsy!

I was searching for a bracelet to wear and I found this big beaded bracelet on Etsy as well. I wanted something a little different and it felt like it was made for my dress because the top of my dress was very beaded. I wore my great grandmothers diamond bracelet. You can also see our rings. Harry picked out my solitaire engagement ring without any help and I love it!! Knowing that he did it all by himself makes it that more special to me. We went together to pick out wedding bands and it was super fun doing that part together!

I loved that we exchanged gifts and letters on our wedding day. His letter made me smile and cry. I think mine made him laugh. He also gave me a pearl necklace and earrings and I gave him a new Bible with his name engraved on the front.


I have the BEST friends in the world. They were by my side throughout the entire wedding planning process; helping me tie ribbon in the late hours of the night, answering the phone every time I needed something, making sure I had everything I needed the day of the wedding, ETC. Getting ready with them was so fun and I love how great the robes turned out. I wanted to get them something that I knew they could use again!


Harry also has a great group of friends (and brothers). We had a big wedding party. I had a couple people tell me, “I thought the wedding party was never going to end coming down the aisle.” LOL! We are very blessed!!


The Girls


The Boys


This day would not have been possible without my mom! She worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect and it was!!


I loved my bouquet. I wanted all white roses with some Christmas greenery. The florist took my great grandmothers pearls and wrapped them into the bouquet and down the stems. Our florist was located in Lancaster, SC. (Winona’s Florist) AMAZING!!

 I loved that our ceremony was at the church I grew up in, in my hometown, Clover, SC. Everything was so beautiful and it being Christmas time just made it all the more special to us.


This picture was taken about 30 minutes before the wedding started!

I smiled throughout the entire ceremony!!


There were LOTS of pictures after the ceremony

The reception was at The Palisades Country Club in Charlotte; about 20 minutes from my church!

LOTS of dancing! Our first dance song was, “Marry Me” by Train & Martina McBride

Wedding cake ~ bouquet toss ~ garter toss

*Cake was made at a very reasonable price from a lady in Chester. We went with red velvet because its my favorite and the red made it perfect for Christmas time!

More dancing!

We used jingle bells for the exit!


12.19.15. best day ever!

I’m a girly girl and I’ve dreamed of this day since.. hmm forever! Everything was perfect! To be completely honest though, we could have gotten married anywhere and he could have put a piece of ribbon around my finger and I would have been just as happy. It truly had everything to do with the person I married that made this day so special. I started praying in high school that God would be working in my future husbands heart and when I met Harry, I knew that God had heard my prayers all of these years! God is amazing and has blessed us beyond measure!!

Bridal Portrait Day about 2 months before the wedding

On the day of the wedding, it got dark super quick! Harry and I didn’t get any pictures of the two of us in the daylight at The Palisades so we went back and did a fun after session. I really liked it because it was like playing dress- up all over again! Plus, your mind is in a million places the day of the wedding and the after session was super laid back!

*We used Fort Mill Photography*

I love weddings for many reasons!! They are so pretty and I love the fact that every wedding I go to is different. I think each wedding really signifies the couple and their styles/ personalities!

If you want to know more details or more information about any of the vendors we used, just ask! We worked with some pretty great people. 🙂

3 thoughts on “12.19.15

  1. Emily Sharpe says:

    Enjoyed re-living your and Harry’s wedding through your blog! The wedding was spectacular! We were so happy to be invited. Love you all. Continue to put the Lord Jesus Christ first in your marriage.


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