All About Ace

My sweet boy is now 6 years old!


Where oh where has the time gone?

We adopted Ace when he was 8 weeks and 2 days old. He was taken to the humane society at 6 weeks old along with the other puppies in his litter. They were rescued from a puppy mill.


From the moment we saw him, we knew he would be a little fireball of energy. He was laying in that metal crate at the pound just wagging his tail hoping someone would get him out.

I remember Harry and I taking him into a private room to play with him and he was so hyper! We loved it!! From that moment, I knew we had found the dog that we had been looking for.


On his birthday which was this past Thursday, January 31st, we did all of his favorite things! We took him to Upstate to go run. Next stop, we went shopping at Pet Smart!

Then, we went through the Bruster’s Drive thru to get icecream. We ate in the car because it was so cold outside. Trying to get a picture in the car with all 3 of us eating icecream was nearly impossible! Lol! When we got home, he had more icecream! This dog LOVES icecream! It was the sweetest day!


I often get questions about Ace so I’ve come up with a few of the most asked questions here to give y’all some answers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. What is his breed? Honestly.. we are unsure. The humane society had him listed as a yorkie/ terrier mix. We could do a test to find out for sure but I know it would come back with 10 different breeds listed. We just know that God made him uniquely ours!
  2. How much does Ace weigh? He is about 25 pounds. Sometimes he’s sweet and cuddly like a small lap dog. Other times he is like a big dog in a little body. Y’all his bark.. he can be so LOUD!
  3. Did we name him Ace? Yes. So.. the pound actually had his name listed as Grant. We knew he did not look like a Grant. Since he was only 8 weeks old, he didn’t know his name anyway. Likely, no one ever called him Grant either. A name was probably needed to list him for adoption. Anyway, we quickly changed his name to Ace because we just thought it suited him from day one!
  4. What are his favorite things to do? Ace LOVES to run, eat dog treats, swim, go to Brusters, go to Clover, chase cats, and take naps with me on the couch!
  5. Some other random facts about Ace:
  • He loves all kids and females. He has to really get to know men before he will let them get near him. Sorry boys! Not sure why he is this way. Is it possible he can remember where he was before the humane society? Maybe!
  • Tricks: He can sit, lay, roll over, shake, and give high fives.
  • He has a LARGE vocabulary! Sometimes Harry and I have to talk in code because he knows what we’re saying LOL. He knows: outside, do your business, lake, clover, park, Brusters, icecream, Harry, Kristen, Mommy, Daddy, toy, go, night- night, bath, sit, lay, shake, roll over, high five, treat, and many more!


We love this dog to pieces!

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