Fall 2022 Recap!

Oh what a fall!!

We made the sweetest fall filled memories this season! I truly want to bottle it all up forever and ever!

Something about having a baby makes me want to take more pictures, write a lot more, and just savor every little moment!

Today, I am recapping some of my favorite fall memories from this year!

Watching Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin while baking pumpkin cupcakes ranks high on my list of favs!

We attended the Apple festival with Uncle William in downtown Hendersonville! That was a super fun time!

On Labor Day, we went for a drive and discovered the cutest pumpkin patch in the mountains! We will for sure be back! After, we had lunch by the water at Lake Lure!

Nana and PaPaw came to town for, “Goodies with Grands” at Brewer’s sweet weekday program!

My mom and step dad love to camp! They brought their camper to a local campsite for the weekend and we had fun being out in nature, exploring with them!

We had so many fun, fall play dates with our besties!

Autumn by the sea is a new favorite for me. We don’t typically go to the beach in the fall but after this little getaway, it may be a new tradition!

Fall Weekend Getaway

Sky Top never disappoints! This is where we found out that Brewer has a love for apples. It took him a bit to eat textured food when we started introducing solids. So to see him go to town eating an apple, was a full circle moment!

Taking Brewer and cousin Eleanor to a local pumpkin patch back home was so special. I grew up going to this very same pumpkin patch- The Peach Tree!

We took Brewer to his very first football game at DaDa’s alma mater! He was a big fan. He wanted to run and play too!

Glendale Shoals is a local gem! Harry and I have been coming here for years. We love making new memories that include Brew Brew!

The lake in the fall is like heaven on earth! Harry and I talk a lot about the lake. We truly feel like you get 4 seasons at the lake, especially in the mountains!

One of my favorite memories of all- Bonclarken! We love coming here to see the fall foliage! I also learned about Jesus here. It’s extra special coming back here in the fall to see God’s beauty of creation!

And it’s always special experiencing the wonderland of fall at Strawberry Hill USA!

I’ve taken lots of students to Stewart Farms over the years and I love taking Brewer there now. He was able to pick his own pumpkin and while doing so, his lovey got lost in the pumpkin patch. Lol! We were getting on a hayride when we realized it and had to do some back tracking! And there he was.. lying in the pumpkin patch!

My favorite fall memories are the ones spent right here at home in the backyard! We truly have experienced fall weather this season!

I blogged about this girls night to see Carrie Underwood:

Weekend Recap

Baby shower season for my sister and my sweet niece has been in full swing! We had a shower in Clover with family and friends!

We also went to the cutest town, Southport for another fun weekend/ shower! It’s been the sweetest season!

We have had lots of backyard fires while making s’mores!

We started a new fall family favorite tradition at Jeter Mountain Farm! The orchard, the market, the food, the music, the play area.. it was all so wonderful! We loved it so much that we brought home a Christmas ornament to add to our favorite places collection.

Pumpkin head! We love you big!

Halloween week treats and a stroll through our local Halloween Town always puts me in such a festive spirit!

Read more about that, here:


More fun play dates! The hugs.. melt me!! Ahh!

Cozy nights in the fall are our jam!

And football of course!

Look at this cutie out at the track having a ball! Literally!

There’s nothing like a pumpkin cookie treat!

Brewer also experienced seeing a real fire truck and firefighters at his weekday program! I know he was just beside himself. They said he danced when the flashing lights came on!

He also had a Noah’s Ark Day Parade at his sweet little church program the weekend of Halloween!

And he went to work with DaDa dressed as a minion!

And he was the cutest Woody I’ve ever seen this Halloween! It melted my heart over and over! We love this Toy Story loving cowboy!

Read about all of the fun, here:

Woody’s Halloweekend Roundup!

Oh what a fall!

We loved seeing Brewer in his first pair of cowboy boots this fall!

I’ll treasure all of this forever!

**I’ll be back here on Monday!**

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