Life Lately

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thursday!

Today’s post is all about, life lately! I like to do these posts quarterly throughout the year to catch up on all of life’s things!

From January to now, we have definitely been through a lot of life…

In January, we rang in the new year, right here at home as a little family of 3! We always get excited for a new year of endless possibilities around here!

My little winter babe!

Then, we had the most amazing snow days that you can read about, here:

Walking in a Winter ONEderland

Our sweet baby turned, one!

Happy 1st Birthday , Brewer!

We had so much fun celebrating at his very first birthday party! Read all about it, below:

Winter W I L D One

January was a fun month of birthday celebrations for our sweet boy! We loved experiencing the zoo with our w i l d one year old!

I will always treasure taking Brewer to Build A Bear for the first time!

In February, we celebrated our 10th Valentines Day together!! 10! 2 dating, 1 engaged, and 7 married! How can it be?!

I am blessed daily by this sweet husband of mine! He does so much for our little family.

I love this life we have built together!

The day after Valentine’s Day, I hosted a little Galentine’s Day!

Read all about our Valentines/ Galentines Day, here: Recap

My heart needed a night with the girls, even more so than I realized at the time. The very next day, our lives were unexpectedly, shook.

Fly High Dad

People often ask how we’ve been since then. I have a peace knowing our dad has been set free from all of earths sufferings.

The hope I have comes from Jesus, alone. I truly don’t know how anyone experiences loss or goes through difficult times without our Lord & Savior guiding our steps.


We have had highs and lows lately…

We took a weekend trip to the beach after my dad passed.. (just looking at the ocean brings me peace! Anyone else? It’s so calming!)

We went to celebrate Harry’s oldest brother, Robby & his wife, Ashley! They got married a year ago (just the 2 of them!) and had a fun party for their one year anniversary with friends & family!

They sure know how to throw a fun party! It was a surrealist party at the Old American Theatre in Charleston!

It’s not everyday that you get to dress up for a masquerade ball!

My senior prom dress had a night out!

It was SO fun!!

Look at this cutie!!

Brewer loved having cousin Ines in town from Californi

We have been spending so much time outdoors in this nice springy weather!

My mom also had a birthday, recently!

We celebrated Brewer’s second St. Patrick’s Day! I actually did a, “day in the life” post that day:

Find that, here: A Day in the Life

Harry also had another brother get married in March!

(Let me remind y’all that Harry is one of 6! 5 boys and 1 girl. His sister is the youngest of the 6 and Harry is the youngest boy! I’m one of 4, so we both come from BIG families! There’s always something fun to celebrate!)

We had the best weekend celebrating Brooks & Mary Catherine!

From her bridal luncheon.. their rehearsal dinner party.. the wedding!

What a dreamy weekend!

Last week, I was on spring break!

Monday of that week, we went to Falls Park on the Reedy River in Greenville! Harry was off work that day, so we had a fun, family day!

All the flowers were blooming and the weather was amazing! It was a great way to begin spring break!

My best friend Kacy have Brewer this cool car! He is absolutely loving it!! He much prefers to ride in a car over his stroller on our walks these days!

We also had a rainy day over spring break!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a raincoat and rain boots?!

We had a mommy•son day date at the Children’s Museum!

This baby was living his absolute best life!

The water table was his favorite!

The car table was the perfect height for him! I definitely think the Children’s Museum in Spartanburg is geared toward littles, even Brewer’s age!

I know he is going to enjoy the market play area for all the years to come!

That little grin says it all!

He had the best day!

We also went for a walk with sweet friends, Emily & Tucker!

Play dates are great for Brewer and for my mommy soul!

We love going for walks around our neighborhood, especially this time of year!

Brewer was a little under the weather earlier this week. We think he had a tummy bug!

He’s back to his happy, bubbly self! Look at that cutie up in the window! Lol

This past weekend, we got all of our outdoor plants! It really looks & feels like spring now!

These make my heart happy! Spring is just so refreshing, right?!

I also took Brewer’s Spring/ Easter photos!

Contact me at Kristen Cochran Photography if you’re interested in any spring mini sessions!!


That pretty much sums up life lately!

We are excited for all things warm, sunny, spring, and summer!

This time last year, I was preparing to return to work from maternity leave. It’s so neat to see how the Lord has carried me through this past year!

My new job that I began this school year has been so good to me. I’ll admit, change was scary for me in the beginning and I was unsure how things were going to go. But it has been the biggest blessing, especially with being a mommy! I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be!

All the glory to the Lord!! His plans are always better than we could imagine!

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