A Day in the Life

Hey, Hey Friends!!

Happy Friday!

Today, I am sharing a “day in the life.” These posts are my absolute favorite because they are so much fun for me to look back on!

I try to pick just an ordinary day on the calendar where nothing is planned and see where the day takes us!

This time around, I went with a week day that also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day! We do try to make St. Patrick’s Day festive and fun but we did not have anything spectacular planned!

So grab your coffee, settle in, and see what a Thursday St. Patty’s Day looked like for us!

I hit snooze several times that morning but I finally got up at 6:15! I’ve been trying to wake up a lot sooner than that but hey, it’s a holiday- I can sleep in a little right?! Lol

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I headed to the kitchen to prep Brewer’s meals for daycare: yogurt & a banana for breakfast, sweet potato & turkey for lunch, a pouch just in case, and of course 3 bottles! Everything is labeled with his name & date!

Then, I went to the nursery and found the sweetest little face! He usually pops right up when I turn on his little lamp. He melts my heart!

He wakes up around 6:45 on a daycare day but he will sleep much later on days he’s at home! He will also take longer naps on daycare days when he’s waking up a little sooner!

Dressed in green for daycare!

I waited to change him into his actual outfit that I bought for St. Patrick’s Day in the afternoon because he gets dirty from playing so hard at daycare, lol!

After I got him ready, I fed him his first bottle of the day here at home!

Then, he was down on the floor ready to play in the living room!

The boys leave the house by 7:30 on daycare days. Harry drops him off on his way to the office because they’re not far from each other!

I always take Brewer to the car, buckle him in, and give him a million kisses!

My boys!!

Once they left the house, I did my morning quiet time!

Then, I fished getting ready for the day!

Working from home, I often get asked, “Do you get ready each day?” Lol um, no! I always change out of my pajamas but I don’t always put on fancy clothes! Today was St. Patrick’s Day though, so it called for a green maxi dress!

While getting ready, Brittany called so I talked to her for a bit! She’s a nurse and works at night so sometimes, it’s easier for us to catch up in the mornings!

Ready for the day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My work day begins at 8 but I don’t begin teaching until 8:45. Usually in the mornings, I’m answering emails, grading student work, and chatting with my teammates online!

On Thursdays I don’t teach as many live classes! We have more breaks than usual to lesson plan for the upcoming week. During my first break from teaching, I made a quick breakfast while working.

Then, I went back to teaching! This is actually an older photo but you get the idea! When I’m teaching, I use fun virtual backgrounds. They typically go with the season of the year!

During my lunch break, I went outside with the dogs for a bit!

The weather was amazing!!

I also finished placing my spring home decor! I’ll share those pictures at the end of today’s post!

I got Brewer’s toy basket ready for the afternoon!

He has SO many toys!! Each day, I go to the toy box, the book shelf, and truck station (under the crib) and I fill up a basket with different toys for him to play with. That way he’s getting exposure to all of them and it helps keep things some what organized!

Then it was time to get back to work!

I always say, I feel like my weeks get “lighter” as they go! Mondays, I teach the most because sometimes I’ll do interventions on Monday mornings. Tuesdays & Wednesday’s are about the same. Thursdays, I have more planning time. Fridays, I do not teach live. We do a lot of data things, sometimes professional development, occasional outings, etc. on those days!

Brewer is home on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays, Harry also works from home so between the 2 of us, we can make it work. I’m also able to keep him home on Fridays when I’m not teaching live.

I’m done teaching by 2:15 each day and I use the afternoon for all of my teacher tasks- contacting families, emails, lesson planning, collaborating with teammates, etc, etc.

My work days end at 4. Sometimes once I’m done teaching, I’m able to go pick Brewer up, and bring him home to finish up work tasks. Some days, I’m pretty busy. It just depends!

I can’t wait to pick up Brewer on those 3 daycare days!

We love his church daycare family SO much! They are amazing with our sweet boy!

I got to catch up with AnnaVee on the phone during my drive here! It’s funny, we are always picking up our boys when we talk on the phone! Lol

On this particular day, we made a quick Target run that afternoon!

Once he got home, he had another green outfit to wear for the rest of the day for St. Patrick’s Day! Lol, boys are fun to shop for and dress too!!

We played, played, played- with the toys from the toy basket that I talked about earlier!

Then he had a lucky charm cereal snack!

Next, we went for a walk with daddy! He loves this car!!

We had to stop for a St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot!

He’s the luckiest little clover that I ever did find!

Then, it was time for dinner, bath, and bed time!

We read our, “How to catch a leprechaun” book!

Plus several other books! Brewer loves sensory books!

After Brewer went to sleep around 7:30-8, I told Harry I wanted lucky charms for dinner, LOL! He ate left overs and I had cereal. Now usually, one of us will make dinner (we both enjoy cooking) but not this particular night!

And that is a day in the life of us…! Simple, ordinary, yet days that I always want to remember!

I hope y’all had a great St. Patrick’s Day, too!


Now, I’ll share my spring home decor:


This weekend, it will officially be spring!!!

I’ll also be on spring break but you can still find me here on the blog next week!

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