Valentines Day Recap

It’s the last day of love month so I am recapping some Valentines Day fun on the blog!

All of the hearts and festiveness make Valentine’s Day so fun! It’s just a sweet light hearted holiday!

This was our 10th Valentines Day together!!

2 dating

1 engaged

7 married

The above picture is a flash back to 10 years ago! #babies

Sweet little surprises for all of my Valentines! Including the pup pups!!

Cupid was on the move this Valentine weekend!

Brewer is officially walking!

He woke up Valentines Day morning in his little “love is in the air” jammies/ outfit!

My little love bug!

He was excited about a new book (he LOVES books!) and Cookie Monster pajamas! (He loves a cookie too, aka our little Cookie Monster!)

Aww!! This baby is loved by his Nana!

Nana sent little surprises too!

Valentines Day fell on a Monday this year and perk to that- we both work from home on Mondays!

I drool for you! We love these little rascals too!

That afternoon/ evening, I did a little baking while Harry went out to get our Valentine dinner tradition- Chinese take out! Yum!!

When Harry got home, he literally knocked on the door with flowers and dinner! Lol! Ten years later and he’s still my boyfriend!

Harry gave me a another Julie Vos bracelet for my bracelet stack for 10 years married! I gave him a shirt and this game…

We’re Not Really Strangers: Couples Edition

I highly recommend this card game for couples! It’s so fun!! It’s the perfect stay in kind of date night with a bottle of wine and take out food!

I love it so much, I’ve actually bought it for couples I know getting married! Shop the link above!

It was such a sweet day with my best boys!

(Psst… life isn’t always roses, our sweet boy got sick right as we sat down to eat dinner! We began feeding him dinner and he gagged, got sick, and our romantic Valentine dinner (lol) was put on hold for a bit! We joked about how our Valentine Days have changed over the years! Lol, we would not have it any other way! Taking care of our sweet baby is the best thing in the entire world!)

A Valentine book for bedtime!!

Then, Harry & I popped open a bottle of wine and played our new card game! Seriously recommend it for couples date night!


The day after Valentine’s Day, I hosted a little Galentine’s Day with my local mommy friends!

Sweet treats and girl time are 2 of my favorite things!

We played a fun little game called, “Pass the Prize!” We played a very similar game at one of my baby showers and I loved it! It gets everyone talking and involved! This was the prize! Every girl loves earrings, right!?

I found the game on Etsy and I changed/ tweaked it for a group of mommy friends!

Use it for your girl nights and everyone will be up & moving!

The bestie girl!

I couldn’t do life without my mommy friends!

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