Oh what a summer! 2022

Oh what a summer! I mean seriously… what a summer!

Brewer & I soaked every ounce of fun out of summer that was humanly possible!

Brewer is at such a fun age! His personality is really shining, he’s on the move, he’s running, talking, and he’s just so much fun! I knew it would be a special summer to remember this year!

We did all of the simple things and y’all… it was pure joy! Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, just all of the simple things, making lots of fun filled memories with my baby!


Today I am recapping all of the fun because I truly never ever want to forget these moments…

I’ll start with Memorial Day because that’s when all the summer fun began! It was a sweet weekend with family right here in town!

Per usual, we went for LOTS of walks this summer! We love our mockingbird stroller!

Shop, here: Mockingbird Stroller

The water table became a big win for Brewer this summer!

Shop Here: Water Table

Brewer turned into a real water baby this summer too!

We had lots of fun at my sisters neighborhood pool!

Brewer had a fun weekend at Nana’s house while we were out of town for my brother in law’s wedding!

Brewer and I had the sweetest summer day at Strawberry Hill together!

Look at that boy up on the tractor truck!

This was the summer of parks galore!!!

We went to just about every local park we could find! Happy Hollow is our favorite!

We attended the local library story telling a couple of times this summer!

We loved going to the Childrens Museum in our little downtown square in Spartanburg!

Brewer had a ball exploring the museum with his buddy, Eli!

Craft time! We practiced painting with cotton balls one day!

Tuesday mornings became a fun tradition: walking with our favorites, Emily & Tucker!

I love that these sweet boys get to be friends and grow up together!

Brewer ran lots of errands with me this summer. Target is our home away from home!

We had a week vacay in Isle of Palms!

Read all about that, here: IOP 2022

Our beach trip included Brewer’s first trip to the aquarium too!

We had a picnic in the park (all 3 of us) one evening!

We had the best time kite flying!

This picture makes me smile! We had driveway fun with sidewalk chalk one day!

We had a full weekend of fun celebrating July 4th!

Read all about that, here:

Red, White, Brew- 2022

Aww! Look at the bestie boys!

We had lots of summer fun with our besties, Emily & Judson!

We discovered a beautiful new park in Greenville, Unity Park!

We also had fun at the Greenville Childrens Museum! Look at all of those flowers for Mama!

We had a fun lunch date with Aunt Nat Nat! We can’t wait for all the fun now that baby Hughes has arrived!

More park fun!!

My boys helped me celebrate my 31st birthday!

Read about that, here: Thirty Fun

Brewer turned 18 months this summer!

Read more about that, here:

Brewer: 18 Month Update!

We had lots of sweet treat dates this summer including many trips to Pelicans!

Brewer & I also had a fun little day date to Tutti Fruitti for some fro yo!

We had a fun gender reveal party for Aunt Ashley and Uncle Logan!! Brewer is officially outnumbered in the cousin crew because it’s a girl!

We had so much backyard fun!

We made our own little backyard beach and Brewer LOVED it!

Shop, below:



We spent time at the lake!

We loved going to feed the duck ducks!

One of my favorite memories with Brewer this summer was building an indoor fort in the living room! This was such a fun & sweet day! Brewer loved every minute of it!

Friday mornings became a tradition of getting Dunkin coffee and usually we wound up walking around Converse Heights neighborhood and playing at Happy Hollow Park!

We went to a fun surf themed birthday party for our friend, Lincoln!

I love raising our boys together! Brittney & I are childhood friends!

Harry had the idea to venture out of the house on a gloomy Sunday evening and we went to Side Street Pizza in Tryon!

We spent a day in the town with love in the middle doing all of our favorite things!

We had fun at the local splash pad in Clover!

Brewer played with his friend Eliza!

He also played with cousin Eleanor!

Did you go to Clover though if you didn’t have lunch at, “The Grill?”

We had an icecream date with Papaw at the local Peach Tree while in Clover, too!

We had a mommy/ son lunch date at Chick Fil A!

Brewer had his first hair cut this summer!

We had lots of rides in the ole family wagon that was handed down to Brewer this summer!

Walks to see the “cow cows” were our favorite way to end the day!

We turned a rainy day fun by playing in the rain!

And we went to Lake Bowen to play on the playground and see the water!

This little front yard splash pad was a huge hit this summer!

Shop, here: Splash Pad

We loved all of our time with Aunt Rosie this summer too!

We had a night at Aunt Ashley & Uncle Logan’s with all the pup pups!! This photo makes me laugh!

Harry met us in the park for a picnic during his lunch break one day!

We took a fun beach trip with my family too!

Read about that, here:

Family Beach Trip- 2022

We visited the splash pad at the Spartanburg airport one afternoon too! These boys had a blast!

Brewer loves his DaDa!

We had some indoor play days in the kiddy corner at Barnes & Noble! Brewer is obsessed with books!

Brewer still loves his paw patrol car from Nana!

Shop, here: Paw Patrol Car

We love going to the track to play! It’s so fun for Brewer to have just a big open field to run!

Daddy’s alma mater is a favorite field to visit!

Our summer movie was the parent trap! Haha! Does anyone notice what Brewer is holding? We had lots of snuggles & Disney movies this summer!

A few messes were also made this summer lol!

Most of the summer was spent outdoors!

This baby loved “camping” this summer!

One of the last things we did this summer before the school year started back was visit the Panthers training camp that is held in Spartanburg each year!

It was such a fun way to end all of our summer fun and transition back into the school year!

We are officially looking forward to all things fall, football, pumpkins, holidays galore, and more!

I love you BIG, baby boy Brewer!

This summer was special in every single way and I will treasure these memories forever! I know next summer will be just as fun!!

**There is not an August edition of “What I Wore Wednesday” or “This & That Thursday” due to my annual blogging break last week! BUT, come back here tomorrow for August’s edition of Fab Friday! I’ll be sharing 5 of my current favorite things that I find fabulous!**

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