Brewer: 21 Month Update!

21 months of pure JOY!

If I had to describe being Brewer’s mommy in one word, I would say, JOY!

Brewer LOVES life! He loves to play, he loves to laugh, he loves to go on adventures, he loves people, and he’s just so much FUN!

Since his last quarterly update: Brewer: 18 Month Update, he’s continued to grow, learn, make us laugh, and experience new, fun adventures!

I’m excited to recap all the things that he has experienced over the past 3 months, all the new things he can do, and all of his favorite things!

We had the best summer ever! Brewer’s personality really came alive this summer. He finds joy in the small things like our backyard beach!

Oh What a Summer- 2022!

We took another beach trip with family to end the summer! Brewer LOVES the beach! He loves the water, the sand, wagon rides, and especially the BIRDS! He chased the seagulls up and down the beach all summer!

Family Beach Trip- 2022!

Brewer started back to his part time church program and he is THRIVING!

He has the sweetest friends, he gets to do fun things, and he’s learning a lot! It makes my heart so happy that he gets excited about being there! This is the day the fire truck came! They said Brewer did a little dance when the flashing lights came on!

Bath time is a favorite activity around here! He’s come a long way since his first bath when he cried!

He also had his first hair trim… by mommy!

Right here at home, on the back porch!


Brewer is NOT a fan of stickers! Haha! The cashier gives him a sticker at Target each trip and he makes a scared face, let’s out a noise, and rips it off! Every. Single. Time.

We are also deep into the fall season and loving every minute!

Rainy day drives and finding a unique pumpkin patch on the side of the road made a great day for this cutie! He is all smiles even on a rainy day!

Brewer takes in all the scenery wherever we go.. including the Apple Festival.

Cozy nights at home.. baking.. with this cutie in the kitchen to help.. watching Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin.. those are our favorite nights!

This little country pumpkin completely has our hearts! Check out his first pair of cowboy boots!

Brewer also experienced his very first football game!

He loved every minute! He wanted up to run and play too! He loves throwing the ball in the backyard at home!

Remember when Brewer was struggling to eat textured food?! Watch him eating this apple at the apple orchard.. it was a full circle moment! He has a new favorite fruit.. apples!

Brewer also caught a cold which meant a week of mommy & baby snuggles!

Brewer really is the best little cuddle bug!

Most of the time, you can find Brewer with a blankey and a lovey..

You can ALWAYS find Brewer with a lovey.. and 99% of the time it’s his whittle giraffe lovey that’s missing an ear and the other ear is hanging by a thread!

Lovey actually got lost in the pumpkin patch this fall.. we were getting on a hayride when we realized Lovey was missing. We did some back tracking and this is where we found him.. right in the middle of the pumpkin patch!

Brewer loves any and all animals!! Especially the, “cow cows” by our house!

He says “moo” as we’re out walking to let us know he’s ready to go see the cows! Lol, Moo and Cow were two of his first words! #CountryBoy

When we go for walks, he also likes to hold Mommy’s hand!

He loves any and all trucks!

We will never forget this particular day being at a roadside pumpkin patch in Clover and a truck came by. He tried chasing the truck all while saying, “TRUCK, TRUCK, IT’S A TRUCK!”

We enjoyed a fun fall Saturday in Clover! Brewer loves PaPaw and cousin, Eleanor! like.. he’s obsessed!

He continues to be obsessed with books too!

And all things, Toy Story!

Sweet little pumpkin! We can’t decide who he looks like! We really think it’s a good mixture of Harry & I. We also think he favors Harry’s Nana. She was from Cuba!

We took a little fall getaway to Isle of Palms and the beach in the fall is a new favorite!

Fall Weekend Getaway

We love spending time with our besties! The Mabry fam means so much to much! It’s so important having spiritual friends to do life with and it’s just a bonus when everyone in the family gets a friend! The girls, the babies, & the hubbies too!

These boys are the literal sweetest!

Brewer continues to love the outdoors! Even on a cold/ windy day!

Those little golden locks just melt me! His hair has gotten a lot lighter recently. Harry & I were both blonde babies.

Brewer also loves climbing.. #allboy

Sometimes, we have to take the lid off the ottoman to keep him from climbing on it.

He can say lots and lots of words! His new favorite word is, “outside.” He’s beginning to speak in a few, 2 word phrases!

Yesterday, he threw his sock in the toilet before we went on this little wagon stroll.

LOL! Some days we just put one foot in front of the other! Haha cue the outfit..

The park is still Brewer’s happy place!

He also loves “night night” time! We read about 3 books every night before bedtime (& he still gets a night time baba) and then he goes to sleep! Rocking him to sleep is one of my favorite things! I love the quiet time to just pray over him and his life!

Can you tell that he likes spaghetti? Lol! He loves pasta/ Italian like me! When we say the blessing, he loves to shout, “Amen” at the end!

We’re so excited to celebrate Brewer’s second Halloween!! The holidays sure are fun with him!

We love you as big as the sky, Brew Brew!

Happy 21 Months, Brewer Anderson..

We love you BIG!

**I will be back on the blog, tomorrow!**

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