Isle of Palms, Vacay Recap- 2022

Hello Friends!!

It feels great to be back on my blog today!

We are home from summer vacay and today’s post is our vacation recap!

We had the best time with our little beach baby!! Brewer’s personality is in full bloom these days! It was so fun watching him live his best life down on the beach!


We left for Isle of Palms on a Friday!

This sweet boy always has a lovey + his thumb! So sweet!!

We arrived at the family beach house in IOP that evening and headed straight for the beach!

Harry & I have been coming here for years! It’s so special recreating these memories with Brewer!

Look at that little beach strut! Lol

Happy place!

We stopped in Columbia at Rush’s BBQ on the way down! (It’s a tradition!) After hanging out on the beach that evening, we went back to the house and got settled in with a bottle of rose’!

We had a summer thunderstorm that night and it was amazing! Who else loves a summer storm at the beach?! It was the best relaxing weather!

Saturday morning, we went to the Harris Teeter in the little island town to grab essentials for the week!

After eating breakfast at the beach house, we headed down to the beach!

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Someone was so happy about being back at the beach!

Brewer really is a little water baby. He LOVES the water!

He loves the sand too!

He never fusses about being on the beach!

I actually told Harry.. “Ya know, the beach could be a recipe for disaster at this age- the heat, the sand, etc. but Brewer absolutely loves it!”

Those beach snacks hit differently!

We walked back to the beach house for lunch!

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Then, Brewer took a nap! Beach naps hit differently, too!

When at the beach… haha! Seriously though, every time we come to the beach, we buy these! It’s a tradition!

After nap time, we went back to the beach!

This wagon is a life saver!! It pulls through the sand dunes where the sand is thick. It was so perfect for the beach and Brewer loved riding in it!

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Fresh shrimp at the beach! Yes please!

That evening, we also made a Target run to grab a few more things! I also forgot to pack something….

Brewer’s toothbrush!!! Lol! Ahhh!

He loves “helping” us brush his teeth these days!

(Momma friends will know what that blue line means! haha)

On Sunday, we woke up and it was Father’s Day!

We were so excited to celebrate this guy down at the beach! We gave him his present- 2 shirts & a “DaDa” book to read with Brewer!

Fun fact: I always drink coffee through a straw. I do this with coffee & red wine so it doesn’t stain my teeth! Well this was the only straw cup I could find that morning… haha, thanks Brewer!

What better way to celebrate DaDa than by being at the beach?!

We had another fun beach day!

Truly, these are the best days ever!!

While Brewer napped, Harry went down to the beach by himself. We alternated doing that throughout the week while Brewer napped. I sat on the screened in porch and read during this time!

I loveeeeee to read at the beach! Especially a light, fluffy, chic lit book!

One Night on the Island by Josie Silver

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Then, we went for a walk into town!

We bought this little umbrella stroller for the beach last summer! We didn’t want the salt water and sand to ruin our nice stroller. This one works great for walks on the beach or going into town!

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Brewer loved the talking parrot that we saw!

We had spaghetti & salad for dinner!

This trip, we made just about every meal at the house except for one! It’s just so much easier with a baby! We went to a local place called, “Downtown Deli and Doughnuts” and picked up some made in house, frozen meals! This one was perfection and Harry requested spaghetti for Fathers Day!

After dinner, we went for an evening walk on the beach! Look at these boys in their matching outfits for Fathers Day!

Like father, like son!

We brought our kite to the beach too!

These two! Be still my heart!

Harry said this was his favorite way to spend Fathers Day!

I agree, it was a great day!

Fathers Day 2022

The sweetest memories!

On Monday morning, we headed back to the beach! That’s pretty much how we do our “beach days.” We beach it, in the morning with Brewer, eat lunch, go back in the evenings for more fun/ walks when it’s getting a bit cooler for Brewer!

My boys!

Lookie who arrived at the beach house around lunch time!! It’s Brewer’s California cousin, Ines!!

Y’all, the look on her face when Brewer held her hand.. LOL!!

These two had the BEST time playing together!

During nap time, I went down to the beach! I always think it’s so cool looking up and seeing carnival cruise ships go by that set sail from the Charleston port!

That evening, we hung out at the beach house with Harry’s brother Robby, his wife Ashley, and sweet baby girl, Ines!

Look at what Robby whipped up for dinner! Once they made it into town, he became the chef in the house! Thanks, Robby!!

Good Morning! It’s Tuesday!

This baby wakes up sooooo happy!! We always wonder how Brewer will sleep when we travel. He did amazing!!

Back to the beach!!

We added a kiddy pool to our beach set- up and added a few buckets of ocean water! It was perfect for Brewer! It kept him very entertained!!

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Living his best life!

So blessed by this sweet little family of mine!

These are days I will treasure forever!

Beach days are the best days!

Uncle Robby is fun!!

On Tuesday, Harry went to the beach during Brewer’s nap time while I stayed on the porch with a mimosa + my kindle!

After nap time, we went back to the beach and cousin, Ines came too! So much love in that little wagon!

Brothers and their babies!

That evening, after we put Brewer down, Uncle Robby & Aunt Ashley took over so we could go on a sunset beach walk!

We always see dolphins in this little cove area of the beach! See our little friend behind us?! And wow, look at God’s masterpiece in the sky!

Another great meal by chef Robby! We had the best fresh, fish on vacay!

We also had the best time catching up with Robby & Ashley after putting the babies to bed! We sat on the porch for hours after putting the sweet babies to bed, eating, sipping wine, talking, and catching up! It was good for the soul!

On Wednesday, Harry & I started the day by taking Brewer to the aquarium in Charleston!

The aquarium is right by the Cooper River Bridge!

Someone was excited for this adventure!!

We saw neon fish!

We saw big fish! (including a shark!)

We saw a massive sea turtle too!

He was so intrigued!

Brewer was a fan of the aquarium!!

After the aquarium, we found Mexican food on Sullivans Island at Mex 1. So yum!

Of course, we found Mexican food while on vacay! Lol, the Cochran love language!

After lunch, we made it back to the beach house and put Brewer down for a nap! Then, I went out to the beach for a while! It’s so weird taking 1 chair + my kindle and nothing else! Lol!!

After I had been down there for a bit, look who surprised me!! Lol, thanks Aunt Ashley & Uncle Robby!

Ow, ow!! Lol, Harry doesn’t even know I took this picture!

After Brewer’s nap and playing for a bit at the beach house, we went on an early evening walk!

Someone was waving and blowing all the kisses at the beach!

After the babies went to bed, Ashley & Robby went for a walk on the beach! Harry & I had drinks on the porch that evening!

Then, we had another late night meal with Ashley & Robby! We really did have the BEST time with them!

Thursday was our last beach day!

Gosh y’all! These memories! I want to bottle them up forever!

Their bond is so sweet!

Watching Harry pull Brewer around in the wagon was so sweet!! Brewer was truly living it up!

We had the best, last day of vacay!

After spending the day on the beach, Brewer took a nap, then we spent time with family, grabbed dinner and we got on the road to head home around Brewer’s bedtime! We were home by 10:30!

It was the very best and sweetest week!

Until next time, IOP!


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**Catch me back on the blog on Thursday!**

7 thoughts on “Isle of Palms, Vacay Recap- 2022

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh my gosh, all of these pictures are just amazing!!! (I’m stuck home during my family’s first official COVID quarantine, so I enjoyed traveling through you. Ha, ha). 🙂 The scenery looked SO beautiful, and your family is just so beautiful. Also, I’m now officially craving shrimp.
    Also your outfits are on POINT! Absolutely adorable!!


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