Thirty FUN!

Year thirty fun! #31

Yesterday, I celebrated my 31st birthday! Which also means it’s been SIX years since I started blogging!

I launched my little happy corner of the internet on my 25th birthday, 6 years ago!

Each year on my birthday, I like to do blog post and just thank YOU for being here! My blog is so special to me. It’s like a digital diary and I’ve been able to connect with SO many of you through blog posts that include: sharing my faith, sharing fashion, beauty, & home finds, sharing my love for the holidays, and of course my everyday family life, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and my family by following along with us here. I absolutely love connecting with each of you!


Today, I am going to recap how I spent my birthday! It was honestly one of the BEST birthdays I’ve ever had! It was chill, it was fun, it was spent with my boys, and we did all of my favorite things!

Good Morning!

Each year, Harry surprises me with a cookie cake! It’s a tradition at our house! I have a summer birthday and Harry has a winter birthday, so we get 2 fun cookie cakes a year! We have been doing this for years!

It’s one of my favorite traditions! ❤️

Brewer and I also had a birthday breakfast in the park!

Parks have been our jam this summer!

Say cheese!

Brewer and I also met the sweetest cat in the park! It was so friendly. Brewer kept saying, “cat, cat.” Lol!

It was such a sweet way to begin my birthday!

Then, Harry & I went off on a little day trip!


We were off to the lake for the day!

It was a day well spent with my better half!

We took the boat out!

We swam!

It had the BEST time! I LOVE having a summer birthday!

Then, we headed home to get this sweet boy (who stayed with Honey while we went to the lake) and headed into downtown for a birthday dinner!

Spending my birthday with my boys was so perfect!

I love being on our town square with my little fam!

Mama’s boy!

We had Miyakos for dinner!

Sushi, yes please!

And my sweet boys snuck some arm candy onto the table during dinner! Thanks babe!

It was truly the very best because everything we did was just FUN!


Thank you all for making me feel so, so loved this week! I LOVE my birthday because I get to hear from people all over who have been a part of my life at some point! That is so, so special to me!

I’m also the type of person who once you’ve met, you’re kind of stuck lol! We will always be friends and keep in touch!

From walks & play dates with friends/ babies, to calls, messages, texts, etc. Thank you again for every single, “happy birthday” that was sent my way! Y’all certainly know how to make a girl feel loved!

We are off to see my fam and do some more celebrating this weekend!!

**However.. I still have one more special blog post scheduled for tomorrow, so make sure to come back!**

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