Brewer: 18 Month Update!

18 months of loving you!

I can’t believe my sweet baby is a year and a half! It seems like he was just born yesterday but in another way, it’s hard to ever remember a time without Brewer. He is our entire world!

Ever since Brewer turned 1, I have been doing some fun quarterly update posts on all of his little milestones!

Today, I am here to recap everything he’s been up to and has learned since last quarter, month 15!

This was Brewer at his last doctor appointment, a week or so after turning 15 months!

Lol! Too cool! Brewer was in the 99th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight! (27 lb)

We are so thankful for a healthy baby!

We have been spending lots of days over on the football field at Harry’s old stomping grounds!

Snack break! Brewer loves to eat!!

We also spend lots of time with sweet friends!

We had a little weekend getaway back in the spring! Brewer’s reaction to the beach was incredible!

This was Brewer’s first beach trip of 2022! Last year, he was still so tiny but this year, he was on the move!

You can read more about that beach trip + a post on gratitude, here:

Gratitude Post!

We have enjoyed lots of meals outside lately! Brewer LOVES to be outside!

We celebrated Memorial Day!

Red, white, & Brew Brew!

Brewer had his first trip to the park playground earlier in the spring! He was a BIG fan! That was the first of many playground park dates to come!

We are still Toy Story obsessed over here!

And lookie who finished his first year of daycare! What a sweet, sweet year for our family! I also finished my first year as a virtual teacher- a job that I took for flexibility with being a mommy!

Read more about that, here:

Hello Summer

I celebrated my second Mothers Day! I’m so thankful each and every day that I get to be his mommy and take care of him!

We are loving EVERY bit of sweet summertime together!

We went to Strawberry Hill one day!

Look at that sweet boy up on a tractor!

Brewer also had his first trip to the library for story time!

He has turned into such a fun little water baby this summer! He has visited my sisters neighborhood pool a couple of times this summer!

We also took some sweet family photos at the beach during the spring weekend getaway!

All photos taken and edited by me!

Kristen Cochran Photography

Brewer and I really do have the best little relationship! He completely melts my heart when he says, “mommy!”

He also loves his DaDa, too. He gets SO excited when DaDa walks in the door!

He & DaDa could laugh and play for hours!!

Look at these cute little bestie boys in their matching blue cars!

And the hand holding and sharing goldfish! Be still my heart!

We always have the BEST time with Emily & Judson! There is so much sweet treasured friendship in this photo! #ourpeople

Y’all.. that face!

We headed back to the beach for a full week of vacay!


Not only is Brewer a little water baby, he’s a fun little beach baby!

He loved everything about the beach!

Read all about our trip, here:

Isle of Palms Vacay Recap- 2022

Brewer had his first aquarium visit on this vacation!

He also got to spend lots of time with cousin, Ines on this trip!

Look who has been a big fan of brushing his teeth lately!

Brewer is becoming Mr. Independent and loves to do things by himself!

Sweetie pie!

Brewer’s water table has been a favorite of his this summer!

Water Table

So has his sandbox!


And his splash pad!

Splash Pad

Brewer was also handed down an old family wagon that belonged to my younger brother! He is obsessed!

He loves to ride in the wagon or either one of his blue cars (one pushes & one pulls) that he got for his birthday from sweet family & friends! He also loves to hold MaMa’s hand!

This cutie spent a weekend at Nana’s house while we went out of town for my brother in law’s wedding! He LOVES Nana’s house! Everything is more fun at Nana’s house lol!

He also loves helping DaDa do yard work!

And he gives MaMa the sweetest kisses!

Brewer has been to several birthday parties this summer! First Judson!

Then, we celebrated sweet Tucker turning 1!

We also celebrated our buddy Lincoln turning 1!

Courtesy of the Red, White, & Brew!

We had the BEST July 4th weekend this summer!

Read more about that, here:

Red, White, Brew- 2022

Brewer loves Uncle EE!

Brewer & Harry helped EE finish his Eagle Scout project!

Brewer continues to love the Childrens Museum!

He loves the Childrens museum in Greenville, too! Look at all of those sweet flowers for Mama!

Brewer also enjoys the simple days at home like building a livingroom fort!

Tuesday morning walks with Emily & Tucker have also been our jam this summer!

These walks are so good for our souls!! We love doing life with them!

We make sure to get outside with Brewer every single day! He loves it so much!! He is always so happy to go on a walk. He also loves his new mockingbird stroller!

I think we have been to just about every park in Spartanburg this summer! Lol parks really have become our summer jam!

Brewer is going to be a sports fanatic! He is already loving anything he can throw, running, being on the ball field, and holding a baseball or football!

Go Brewer!!

He also loves the cows that we see on our daily walks around the meadow!

It’s moments like this that I always want to remember with Brewer.. playing outside in the driveway/ yard!

I love that I have a little shopping buddy with me everywhere I go, too!

Brew Brew & I also got to catch up with Aunt Nat Nat who is about to bring Brewer’s friend into the world, soon!

Brewer ALWAYS has to have this thumb and a lovie, especially when he’s tired!

His favorite toys are: lovies, trucks, woody, buzz light year, his push car, his bubble lawn mower, books, and legos!

Give Brewer & I all the summer/ outdoor fun!

We love having little day trips to Clover!

He had so much fun at the splash pad in Clover!

He played with his sweet friend Eliza..

..and cousin Eleanor, too!

While in Clover, Brewer had his first trip to Clover Grill!

We had Peach Tree ice-cream with PaPaw too!

Brewer LOVES PaPaw!

The face of a boy who loves to eat animal crackers!

Speaking of eating.. Brewer was struggling around 12 months with eating textured foods. He was not a big fan of anything that had a texture.

He has come so far and it is no longer an issue (woohoo)! He will eat just about anything now!

His favorite foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, chicken nuggets, cheese, and animal crackers.

He also has a sweet tooth like his mama! Lol We had a sweet fro yo date!

Most of the time I’m riding in the backseat with Brewer if Harry is driving. He is well with car rides that only last an hour. Anything longer than that are not fun! If we go on road trips, we time it where he will sleep!

A funny thing about Brewer in the car.. we think he tends to be fussier at times if I’m sitting beside him lol. It’s like he knows I’m going to listen to him fuss if I’m beside him. He’s made it a game. Lol, so there have been a few times lately where I ride in the passenger seat while Harry drives!

I love that he can wear his Daddy’s baby outfits!

Brewer can also say his NAME! Sweetest sound EVER!

He is learning a new word each day it seems! He can say: Brewer, MaMa, DaDa, Ace, Nash, strawberry, ball, cow, moo, Nana, PaPa, Tucker, Judson, car, baba, shoes, watermelon, yoyo, cat, ice cream.. And several other words too!

Brewer is pretty good in restaurants because he’s very curious!

Brewer is into lots of things these days including bathroom cabinets, the dog bowls, knocking over picture frames, playing with tv remotes, etc.

He’s also had a few booboos including: a scratch on his nose from falling and hitting the bottom of the couch, a scraped leg from falling on the concrete at the park, and a scraped knee from the splash pad.

He rarely cries though.. he’s pretty tough! And “tantrums” are short lived (about 30 seconds) and are typically caused when we take something from him that he shouldn’t have! Lol

I celebrated year 31 with both of my boys and it was SO fun! Birthdays are so much more fun with Brew Brew!

You can read all about that, here:

Thirty FUN!

It is SO fun being this sweet baby’s MaMa and caring for his every need!

Harry and I are just in awe that we get to be Brewer’s parents! It is such a gift and we are SO grateful!

Thank you Jesus for this sweet, funny, cuddly, tan skin, golden locks, silly baby boy!

We love you sweet boy!!

Happy 1.5 years old!

**My next blog post will be Wednesday. I’m also doing a fun “photo an hour: summer edition” on Instagram, Tuesday!**

4 thoughts on “Brewer: 18 Month Update!

  1. Lynn B. “Wendy” Harper says:

    Lovin’ all these beautiful Brewer pics❣️💙😍
    The video clip of Brewer saying his name just tickles me…he was for sure enjoying those strawberries and it was like “ ‘Gimme’ a minute, mommy!” 🥰
    Don’t you just love hearing him talk⁉️
    The photo w/ his sweet little hands crossed…to me, there’s just something special about a baby’s hands & feet❣️
    God is so good! 🙌💙🙌

    Much love,
    ~Wendy Harper


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