Hello Summer!


You have been calling my name for so long!

Brewer is officially on the move these days and his personality is really shining through! He’s talking A LOT, he’s curious, so adventurous, and fun. I am SO excited to spend the entire summer making endless memories with him!


On today’s post, I’m going to share Brewer’s first day of church daycare- infant room vs. last day of church daycare- infant room, plus some fun pictures, & sweet memories.

Then, I’m going to talk about all things summer, like bucket list ideas + a daily summer schedule with Brewer!


Brewer’s first day of daycare in the infant room- April 11, 2021

Brewer’s last day of daycare in the infant room- today, June 1st, 2022

Isn’t that incredible?! I mean, wow!! Brewer started the sweetest little church daycare when I returned from maternity leave last April. He was there for just a short couple of months while I finished out the school year, then he returned back in the fall- 3 days a week!

More sweet photos from his first day:

Arriving at the most precious church daycare!
Walks around the Meadow after his first day!
My sweet angel baby!
There’s no where else in the world I’d rather be!

Day one was a hard day for this mama! A very hard day, emotionally. A day that eventually led to me working from home! I can go on & on about how the Lord was faithful through that transition!

You can read more about that, here:

Gratitude Post!

The Lord answered so many prayers!! One thing that I prayed very specifically over before he was born was…. his teachers!

Once again the Lord came through.. we were on a wait list for his church daycare for a very long time- way before I was pregnant! About 3 weeks before I returned from maternity leave, I was contacted about an opening!

We were blessed with the BEST teachers ever!

Mrs. Diane & Mrs. Linda
Mrs. Juliane
& Mrs. Kelly

They love Brewer like their own and I never have to worry one ounce while he’s there! These ladies are part of our family now!

We love each of you so, so much! Thank you for loving on our baby 3 days a week! Brewer adores each of you!

Brewer trots in SO happy to be there each day and he’s also made the sweetest friends!

A few more sweet pictures from this year:

I will treasure these photos forever! His grin says it all!

More photos from Brewer’s last 2 days:


Now, we are ready for SUMMER!!!!

What is on everyone’s summer bucket list?!

I’m big on writing things down in order to make things happen so I’ve started a little sunshine web of ideas that looks like this…

I’ve got lots more ideas that I need to jot down!It’s all the simple yet fun things that mean the most to me!

Once our list is finished, it will stay on the fridge!

I’m looking forward to lots of sunshine, outdoor fun, and snuggles with my sweet boy!


I thrive on a schedule so I’ve also created a summer schedule for Brewer:

This will stay on the fridge next to our bucket list of ideas!

Who else thrives on a schedule?!



**Check back here Saturday for my next blog post!**

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