Life Lately

Hey Friends!!

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!

Today, I am filling y’all in on a little bit of, “life lately!”

Last time I did a post like this, we left off around Easter! We had the sweetest Easter weekend with Brewer! You can read all about that, here: Easter Weekend Recap!

Since then, we have been loving every minute of spring/summer, the sunshine, and being outside!

Harry went to the Masters golf tournament for a day while we supported from home! Lol! I don’t think Brewer & I should be allowed in a golf tournament because we hear that’s a quiet sport!

We went to visit the campus where Harry works one evening! It was special being there with Brewer because Harry & I both attended Spartanburg Methodist College!

We met Harry after work one evening downtown to get ice cream!

Uncle EE won military ball prince!

I’m doing some fun quarterly updates for Brewer this year! He is now 16 months old but you can check out his quarterly/ 15 month update, here: Brewer: 15 month update!

He was a little too cool at his 15 month check- up! Lol

Cutie pie!

One of our favorite things to do as a family is walk to see the cows in the evenings!

Mexican take- out for Cinco De Mayo was a win this year! Our family loooooves mexican food!

We had a little weekend getaway!

We love Charleston & Isle of Palms so much!

This little boy was living his best life!!

Those little getaway weekends are always the best!

We had such a fun weekend celebrating our friends, Emily & Hudson get married!

I had the best Mother’s Day weekend! I’m so thankful for this boy who made me a mama!

We recently upgraded our stroller for this growing baby! We are loving the mockingbird!

Shop, here: Stroller

We’ve been spending lots of days at the park!

I love this sweet boy!

We celebrated our sweet friend, Judson turning 1!

Harry & I both came down with an awful tummy bug (I haven’t been that sick like ever!) BUT thankfully, we were both better in time to head out of town for Harry’s brother’s wedding weekend!

We had the best weekend with the best views in the mountains to celebrate John Clark & Rebekah!

We’ve had lots of fun celebrations in the Cochran family this year!

My mother in love! It’s always a fun party when she’s around! She’s such an amazing hostess!

Lookie who had his last day of daycare before summer break! I also completed my first year as a virtual teacher! God is so good! He knew exactly what He was doing when He led me there! Such an amazing year for our family!

Read more about that, here: Hello Summer!

We had a graduation party in Clover to celebrate my step brother Austin! Clover High Class of ‘22!

Sweet cousins!

I have truly been loving all of these sweet summer moments with my baby! We are making the best memories together!

We had the best day at Strawberry Hill together!

My word! I love you!


We celebrated sweet boy Tucker at his first birthday party!

My girls + our boys!

We also explored the kiddy corner at Barnes & Noble one morning!

We’ve spent lots of time over at Happy Hollow Park so far this summer! We picked up Dunkin and took it with us to the park for breakfast!

Feeding the ducks is a favorite thing of ours to do, too!


We’ve also been teaching Brewer how to brush teeth lately!

Aww!!! We got quite the look on our morning walking trail play date! Lol Emily is my Instagram turned real life friend! These sweet boys + our faith in Jesus connected us and it has quickly turned into a life long best friendship!

Y’all… these cuties!!! Brewer & Judson have quickly become the best of friends too!

Brewer’s favorite thing ever is to be in the backyard! Wether it’s in the sandbox..

..the pool..

Or the water table! He loves to be out back playing!

Our kind of Friday date night!

Picnic in the park + flying kites!

The very best night with my boys!

This past weekend, we spent time in Charlotte with family!

We also went to Charlotte to celebrate the fact that my sister and brother in law are having a sweet little girl!

I have always dreamed of our babies growing up together! Aunt Kris is so excited!!

Brewer is officially outnumbered in the cousin crew! Baby girl MacCallum, we can’t wait for you to join us in December!


I’m going to leave y’all with some of our spring/ summer family photos:

Okay y’all.. that sums up this edition of life lately! Lots of exciting things happening in our families and lots of outdoor fun these days!

**We are actually preparing to leave for the beach at the end of this week for a full week of vaca! I’ve got lots of packing to do, so this is my only blog post this week! I’ll be back here the Tuesday after vacation, June 28th!**

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