Tell All Tuesday: Outdoor Activities

Hey, Hey!!

Happy Tuesday!

I know I’m not the only one who says “Happy (insert day of the week)” all the time but I truly can’t help myself from doing it! lol

It feels good to begin a conversation, journal entry, blog post etc. with “happy..!” Lol anyone else?!

Okay, onto today’s post! For this months edition of, “Tell All Tuesday,” I am talking about fun, outdoor activities!

It’s summer time, (I mean basically.. school is out!), the sun is out, and everyone just wants to be outside!

Today, I’m sharing 20 of our favorite, simple, yet fun things to do outside:

1. Backyard fun at home: We have the most fun right here at home in our backyard! A swing or swing set is so fun for littles. We have the best time pushing Brewer in his swing and making sweet memories with him!

Shop, here: Little Tikes Blue Swing

2. Go for a swim: If you don’t have a big pool, buy an inflatable pool if you have littles. Brewer has the BEST time splashin in this little pool!

Shop, here: Brewer’s Pool

3. Water Table: I think this little water table is the sweetest idea of fun for Brewer! The fishing rod is his favorite! He loves it so much!

Shop, here: Water table

4. Sandbox: We recently purchased a sandbox for Brewer! It will arrive this week! Can you tell we have been adding some backyard fun for Brewer so we can be outside all summer?!

Shop, Here: Sandbox

5. Bubble Fun: Brewer AND our dogs love bubbles, lol! It’s the funniest thing.. both dogs get so excited about bubbles and chase them! My mom recently bought Brewer this little bubble machine!

Shop a similar bubble machine, here: Bubble Machine

6. Sidewalk Chalk: This can be fun for the entire family! Grab some sidewalk chalk and head out the door!

Shop, here: Sidewalk Chalk

7. Go for a walk in your neighborhood: Of course, this can be done alone or with the family. It’s one of my favorite things to do to clear my head!

Shop Brewer’s car, here: Car with Shade

Shop Brewer’s other car, here: Blue Car

8. Plant Something: Whether you’re into flowers, gardening with fruits/ vegetables, etc., it’s something to get you outside each day because you have something to take care of! We made this a little more fun by letting Brewer paint his very own flower pot!

9. Go Feed the Ducks: Harry & I have done this for years- way before we had kids! We would take bread and go to a local pond to feed the ducks! It’s another thing that just clears my head!

10. Go for a Hike: There are so many hiking trails that are not far from home! Go for an early morning hike and once you reach the top, you’ll be so happy you did it!

11. Find a local Waterpark: This is another idea that is fun for the whole family!

12. Snow cones: There is nothing I love more than a slushee or snow cone in the summertime! If ice cream is your thing, then certainly go for that too!

13. Strawberry Hill: Okay, this one is local to me! We LOVE Strawberry Hill! It’s the best place to go be outside, get produce, sit in rocking chairs, let the littles play, and so much more!

14. Falls Park: This is another local spot for us! Falls Park is amazing because it has a waterfall. You can go walk by the water, walk over the bridge, plus there is so many fun restaurants & places nearby!

14. Eat Outside: There’s nothing like back porch meals outside around this time of year! It makes us all happy!

Shop, here: Baby Eating Essentials

15. The Track: We go to a local track a lot to let Brewer play! We love it because it’s a flat surface so he can run forever! We usually take a big bouncy ball with us + snacks! You can also find a local field to take your pets to! We love doing that as well!

16. Fly a Kite: Make it more fun by grabbing the people you love, having lunch/ dinner in the park, going for a walk, and flying a kite!

17. Go to the Lake: If you have access to a boat, that’s great! But if not, who cares! You can still jump in the water, take a canoe, have dinner by the water, hang out on the lake “beaches,” etc!

18. Vacation: Everyone enjoys getting away in the summertime! There is nothing more relaxing than the ocean!

19. Front Porch Rockin’- Harry & I love unwinding the day, with a glass of wine, in the front porch rocking chairs, sometimes! Go outside at sunset, take a book to read on the porch, rock your littles on the porch, etc!

20. Quiet time outside- This is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world! Having my quiet time with Jesus in the mornings is so important to me and I LOVE it when I can be outside in His beautiful creation for quiet time!


Okay, those are our 20 easy, simple, yet fun ways to be outside!

I hope y’all have the best week in the summer sunshine!


One more thing before I go.. While we’re on the topic of outdoors, all DADS love to be outdoors! Fathers Day is coming up so soon!

I’ve put together a gift guide below:

Shop, here: Fathers Day Gift Guide

**I’ll be back on the blog, next Tuesday!**

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