Brewer: 15 Month Update!

Our baby, boy Brewer is 15 months old today!

He is the light of our lives!

He is sweet!

He is funny!

He is FULL of personality!

During his first year of life, I did a blog post each month full of, “Brewer Updates!”

I’m excited to do some quarterly blog posts this year now that he’s 1!


Let’s start with all of Brewer’s adventures he’s had since turning 1:

Brewer got this car for his first birthday and it’s his FAVORITE thing in the entire world!

He LOVES going for daily walks to see the cows!

All walks around the Meadow are fun with Brew Brew!

This was Brewer at his 1 year old appointment! He is still Toy Story obsessed!! Woody & Buzz always save the day! Lol

Brewer celebrated his second Valentines Day!!

He also started WALKING the weekend before Valentine’s Day (about 3 weeks after turning 1!)

We went to a birthday party to celebrate our sweet buddy, Mason!

We all enjoy walks around our little town square!

Stopping for ice cream in downtown is a favorite!

Brewer is my favorite little buddy to walk around Target with!

He was happy about Super Bowl Sunday! Lol

He LOVES bath time!

Excited about going to church!

Always spoiled by Nana!!

We celebrated Nana’s birthday! Brewer loves Nana!

He loves Honey, too!! Grandmothers are the best!

He loves cousin, Eleanor!

He also loves his California cousin, sweet girl Ines!

Brewer loves hanging out with Uncle William, too!

Brewer was proud of Uncle EE (aka military ball prince!)

Brewer loves being in the backyard!

Brewer is a fan of anything that involves being outside!

We enjoy lots of meals outside these days!!

Brewer also loves our Friday night date nights with Mommy & Daddy!

He’s a big adrenaline junkie and LOVES riding the four wheeler (slowly- at a snails pace) in Clover!

He’s a big animal lover too!

He has never been a big fan of a paci but he sure does love that thumb!

He melts me!!

His favorite thing is sucking his thumb and holding something soft (by the tag always) next to his face!

We also discovered that Brewer LOVES the Children’s Museum!

The water table is his favorite!

This little face describes his excitement for the Children’s Museum perfectly!

Y’all that face, I can’t handle it! Lol he’s always laughing, giggling, and making other people laugh!

Brewer had a fun spring break with mommy!

We have been loving Falls Park in Greenville lately!

Here we are on Good Friday in Falls Park!

Brewer loves back packing with Daddy!

Or hanging out with mommy in the baby carrier!

We enjoyed some front porch snuggles on a day he wasn’t feeling well! Look at that little crinkle nose!

Such a silly boy!

We love going for walks with sweet friends, especially Emily & Tucker!

I’m so glad these boys have each other!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in rain boots?!

And a rain jacket?!

I mentioned before that textured foods have been a struggle for Brewer! He is doing SO much better with that! He loves to eat and knows when it’s time lol!

He’s still a very happy baby!

And super chill! Lol

Baby feeties!!

The many faces of Brewer!

He thinks everything is silly lol, like when Daddy holds him at the top window of the front door to wave at Mommy!

We recently took a visit to Daddy’s work to walk around campus!

Fun fact: Harry & I both went to SMC!

Future pioneer?!

Future baseball player?!

Those little flipped out curls!!!

This sweet boy also helped me decorate Daddy’s new office!

Brewer had a fun St. Patty’s Day!

I loved matching with my sweet boy in green!

He LOVES books!!! He’s obsessed with finding little hiding spots in the house to read! Lol

The Easter Bunny brought him a little play tent set and I added books & things to make it cozy!

Golf outfit for Masters weekend!

Such a serious face!

He loves his Daddy! SO much y’all! Their bond is the sweetest thing!

Brewer also met the Easter Bunny! Lol Brewer was not a fan!

He still had the BEST time at Bunny Burg!

We will treasure these memories forever!!

His second Easter was definitely one to remember!

Praising Jesus

To dying Easter eggs

To Easter baskets

From lawn mowers

To cars

To lots of outdoor fun

Brewer had the best Easter ever!!


Okay, lets talk about a few other things that Brewer LOVES:

-His puppy brothers

-His family

-He loves for us to crawl around the house and chase him

-Brewer also has a sweet tooth like his mommy!

-Speaking of teeth, Brewer has lots of teethies

-He can also say: mommy, daddy, hey, yay, Ace, and his newest word: duck (we learned this one during bath time!)

Now, lets discuss a couple of things that Brewer does NOT like:

-He does not like going for long car rides

-He does not like to have his clothes/ diaper changed when he is tired


Its truly been an incredible 15 months being Brewer’s parents! We can officially say that it is hard to remember a time without Brewer. He is our world!

His personality is so fun these days! His smiles, his giggles, his babbles, his energy.. he is just the best!

With more fun personality, that does mean more work! It is a 24/7 job making sure Brewer does not get into anything but we would not trade this life for the world!

Happy 15 months, sweet boy! We love you BIG!

**You can find my next blog post, next Thursday, April, 28th!**

***Psst… tomorrow I am doing “a photo an hour” on Instagram stories! I like to do those every now & then! Come follow along!**

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