Third Trimester Recap

Third trimester Recap!

I will be 36 weeks in a few days so I thought I’d go ahead and recap 3rd trimester!

I told Harry that after Christmas, I pretty much consider us on baby watch. At this point baby could pretty much pick his birthdate! The crazy thing is, it could be tomorrow, it could be mid January, end of January, or even early February! lol

My exact due date is January 3oth, 2021!

Throughout this pregnancy, I have said numerous times, “he’s coming early.” I’ve just had this gut feeling based on how my body has felt throughout pregnancy. Now, that we are so close to the end, I have no idea when baby will decide to make his arrival!

Baby has started to drop some and it has definitely helped with some of the pain I’ve been feeling so maybe I have it in me, to stick this pregnancy out a bit longer! We shall see what baby decides to do!

Okay, onto the recap!

I think I gained all of my baby weight pretty quick in the second trimester. I think I hit my max baby belly fast and since then, it’s stayed the same.

I’m not going to lie, pregnancy has been painful for me. I’ve mentioned numerous times that my back has been a struggle. That has continued in third trimester. In second trimester, the pain came around to my ribs and that pain came to stay. It’s sorta like a round ring around my back/ abdomen area where I constantly hurt.

I did find out several weeks back that my amniotic fluid was kinda high but not dangerously high. Since then, I’ve had regular routine ultrasounds to keep watch on it. Perk to that, is I’ve been able to see our sweet baby more often! The biggest risk with high fluid levels is that it could cause preterm labor but baby seems comfortable in there. At my appointment this week, the doctor didn’t seem too concerned about my fluid levels anymore because of how far I’ve made it & how many weeks I am now!

Doctors have told me that the extra fluid could have an impact on my rib pain I’ve been feeling because it causes more pull & stretch. Lower back pain is very common in pregnancy but my rib pain/ back pain has been all upper/ middle.

Over the last week or two, I think he has dropped some and that has helped BIG TIME with the pain! I’ve heard that early pregnancy symptoms tend to pick back up in the third trimester like nausea & morning sickness. Thankfully, I have not dealt with sickness at all throughout pregnancy, other than nausea early on. No sickness!

Sleep is hit or miss with me. It’s definitely harder to get comfortable sleeping at this point in pregnancy. I think that is just preparing me for all of the nights ahead that I’ll be awake feeding sweet baby! I think staring at a baby will make those sleepless nights easier.

I daydream about meeting him ALL the time! I can’t believe how close we are. I wonder who he will look like, whose personality he will have, what he will grow up to become, and so much more! i can’t even explain the amount of love that I have for this baby and we haven’t even met face to face yet.

We have also been busy checking last minute things off our “baby to- do list.” I feel pretty good about things!  We had the most AMAZING baby showers and we experienced Christmas as “soon to be parents.” It has me dreaming of all the fun next year!

Overall, this has been an amazing experience for us. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to carry this little one and be his mommy. This blessing will never be lost on me! It is one million percent worth every ounce of pain and discomfort. It’s been a miracle watching our son grow and experience all of the changes that come with pregnancy! Harry has already been the best dad & been there every step of the way to make sure baby & I have what we need!

Any guesses when you think baby will be here?!


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