I can’t even believe I get to type the words, WE ARE HAVING A BABY! 

God is SO, SO GOOD!! Our hearts are literally just bursting with pure joy!


First comes love (+ pup 1), then comes marriage (+ pup 2), then comes BABY!!


We announced on social media, Wednesday that we were having a baby and we have felt nothing but love and excitement from all of our friends and family!! We sincerely want to thank each and every one of you who called, texted, sent messages, and left sweet comments on social media! We truly believe that we have the BEST people in our lives and we can’t wait to add a baby to all the fun!



Today, I wanted to share with you all, how we told our friends/ family we were pregnant plus answer some baby questions that we are starting to get!! Sound fun?! YAY!

Let’s start with how we found out and how we shared the excitement with our friends and family! Sharing with everyone in our lives was SO special and SO much fun!!

To see videos of how we found out, videos of how we told our friends/ family, plus our social media announcement, visit my Instagram: doverfromclover

The social media announcement plus the video of telling Harry the exciting news is on my Instagram page. All the other fun videos will be saved to the baby highlight on my Instagram page!

Here, I will share some photos!! YAY!!


We found out we were expecting on May 20th!

Leading up to this day, I had taken a couple pregnancy tests with the 2 pink lines and I kept getting a faint second line (it takes a bit for your HCG levels to rise). Harry had seen those tests I had taken and neither of us were completely sold on the fact that I could be pregnant because the line was so faint.

Well, on May 20th, Harry had some errands to go run after work and I knew he wouldn’t be home for a while. I decided to go to Target and I did pick- up outside to purchase a digital pregnancy test! I quickly came home, took the test, and it said PREGNANT! I cried, I prayed, I smiled! I was just SO happy!


I knew I had some time before Harry got home so I went back out and got blue and pink cupcakes to surprise Harry when he got home!

** Again, to see the full video, visit my Instagram page: doverfromclover **


We told my family a few days later when we were all together on Memorial Day! It had been exactly a year since my Me-Me passed so I gave my mom this onesie and the sweet card! My mom cried tears of joy and the rest of my family was EXTREMELY excited as well! Full video is on Instagram!

Mom was SOOO excited!!!!!


The following Friday, Harry’s parents came over for dinner and once dinner was over, we gave them a little gift to open and along with a sweet card! They were SO tickled!!! Harry’s mom also cried tears of joy! This will be the first grand baby on his side of the family! After telling his parents, we face timed, talked on the phone, and texted with all of his siblings!! They were also thrilled for us!

I loved seeing the excitement on the grandmother to be’s faces!!! 🙂


We were able to share the news with Luke and Teighlor as we were leaving Tillman’s 2nd birthday party!! They have been SO sweet and excited!! It’s going to be so fun raising babies with our besties!! Can. Not. Wait.


I went out to lunch/ have a girls day with AnnaVee to tell her!! I ordered a margarita as pictured then told her she would have to drink it for me because I’m pregnant!! It was SO MUCH FUN telling AnnaVee!! Full video is on Instagram!! I can’t wait to see our baby play with her sweet little, Mason!! EKKK!


Kacy’s family owns a restaurant in my hometown called the Clover Grill (it’s SO good btw!!) Brittany and I went to lunch there one day to go visit her! The 3 of us were at our table and we were talking about how stores are doing pick- up now due to covid. I mentioned Target was now doing that and I later told them I used pick- up to purchase a pregnancy test at Target because I’m pregnant! LOL! It was so fun telling them!! We took a picture afterwards! The full video is on my Instagram! Love these 2 so much!!


I told my two favorite Chelsea’s- Chelsea McLean and Chelsea Smith- (Soon to be Mrs. Stawiki! YaY!!) by sending them each this sweet little sonogram!! They were both so tickled!! I talked to both of them for a long time after filling them in on all the details!! I can’t wait for this baby to have 2 fun Aunt Chelsea’s!! AHHH!!!


I face- timed Aunt Nat Nat to share the exciting news with her!!! She is always the SWEETEST and most encouraging friend!! She also has lots of cute nephews so I can totally go to her for baby advice!! lol, she is seriously one in a million!


One night, we were doing a photo shoot for Southern Charm and the fitted dresses were a little snug… it was quite impossible to hide the fact that my body was changing lol! I told Emily at the photo shoot and we both got so excited that we forgot how to take pictures!! hahaha! Emily is the absolute sweetest and loving friend!!


Haley was also at the photo shoot that night along with Gracie!! They were both SO excited! Haley is always SO happy and supportive!! We had to get a fun pic!


I shared the news with my assistant, my 4K team, another coworker, plus my fav- Brittney K. with this fun little sonogram!! I have the BEST work fam! I also work with lots of moms who will have the best parenting tips!!

Those were the announcements to family/ friends that we were able to document! Again, there are some fun videos on my Instagram: doverfromclover // We were also able to tell some others that we are close with fun phone calls and in person! Harry is so simple! He picked up the phone and called a lot of his close friends! Of course, everyone was so supportive and excited! I truly do believe it takes a village to raise a baby and we have the BEST people in our corner!!


Okay, now I’m going to hit some rapid fire questions that we have been getting! 🙂 

1. When is your exact due date? January 30th, 2021

2. How far along are you? I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow on July 4th!

3. Will you find out the gender? Without hesitation, YES! I am so type A, I have to know! lol

4. Will you share the gender or keep it a secret? Absolutely, YES!! Y’all will know when we know!

5. Do y’all have any names picked out? We have talked about names but I think we will wait until we know the gender before we let ourselves get 100% set on a name! We may even keep the name a secret! I make so much of my life public here on the blog which I LOVE but this sort of felt like one thing, we could keep close to heart!

6. Were y’all trying to have a baby? Yes!

7. Did it take you a while to get pregnant? If not, what took y’all so long? LOL! Let me answer part 2 of that question first… So this December will be 5 years since Harry and I have been married! We have ALWAYS wanted kids but we’ve just been taking our time. We were both 24 when we got married which is pretty young so we really took our time, enjoyed our marriage, and we were in NO rush!

When we decided to start trying this spring, it happened fast! It did not take us long AT ALL, which I am SO thankful for! I know that is such a blessing because I know that is NOT the case for a lot of couples.

Please know, if you are struggling to grow your family- we are praying for you! I seriously mean it!! I have a few very specific couples that I pray over daily and I would love to pray for you too, if that is your situation!

8. How did you know that you were ready for kids? Again, we have always talked about it and we knew we wanted kids one day. We seriously began talking about it this year and we thought getting pregnant this year would be awesome and then having the baby next year would be great if that’s part of God’s plan! We’ve been married for a while and we’re ready to take on that step together! We seriously can not wait!

9. How old are you and Harry? We are both 28 and we will both be 29 when baby arrives!

10. What made you think you may be pregnant? Well, like I said, we were definitely trying! I hadn’t missed my period just yet but I had some mild cramping going on which was unusual. That prompted me to start taking tests! We found out pretty early on!

11. How has the the first trimester been so far? Any sickness? It hasn’t been too bad! I’ve been nauseous a good bit- not just morning. It sort of comes and goes throughout the day but I do think it’s getting better week by week. No vomiting though and I’m very thankful for that! I was tired a lot around weeks 6- 8. I’m starting to regain some energy, Thank the good Lord above!

My biggest hurdle has been my back. I don’t know that I’ve ever shared this here but I have scoliosis in my back. It’s always given me on and off problems throughout life but it’s never been too serious for surgery. I think all the years I cheered probably didn’t help it but that’s besides the point! Now that I’m pregnant and my body is starting to change and things are shifting around inside, I’ve had some back issues. I started seeing a chiropractor and it is definitely helping!! I know lower back pain is a common early pregnancy symptom but mine has been more upper/ middle!

12. Any cravings? Watermelon and Sonic slushies!! lol I always crave cool and refreshing foods like that! I usually keep something salty on hand like cheese itz or pretzels. I’m not necessarily craving those things but they do help when I start to feel nauseous.

13. We have heard this a good bit too, “I just knew when you got Nash (the second dog) that it would be a while before y’all had a baby.” Well surprise! Lol! As crazy as it sounds, Nash was part of the plan! I stated in my blog post about Nash that we wanted our other dog Ace to have a friend before we had kids. I didn’t say how soon we wanted kids! But, none the less, Nash was part of the plan! I love Ace so much and I just knew he wouldn’t understand why a baby would get to go places with us and he still can’t always go, so therefore, he has a friend now!

14. Are you nervous about being pregnant while covid- 19 is going around? Not really! I’m not any more nervous than I was before I was pregnant if that makes sense. I’m healthy, I’m pretty young, and I’m taking all the precautions that I can take like most people! I’m more nervous about raising a baby in such a scary world. I am already praying for this baby’s protection, health, love for Jesus, and so much more!


I wanted to say one more thing before I end this post! I remember my pastor’s wife in high school encouraging us to pray for our future husband’s heart. I remember doing that all the time and I met Harry and it was so evident that he loves Jesus. With that being said, I have been praying for our children’s health and hearts for Jesus for quite some time and will continue to always do so! I truly encourage everyone to seek Him in prayer! God is a God of miracles and blessings!! We owe this blessing growing inside ALL to HIM!


 Thank y’all for reading today and for all of the love/ support! I hope everyone has a very Happy 4th of July weekend!!

I’m taking a blogging break next week while we’re out of town on vaca!! I’m sure I’ll be around on Instagram: doverfromclover

Talk to y’all soon!!!


6 thoughts on “WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

  1. Lisa Ramp says:

    You are the sweetest person I know. This baby is so Blessed to have you and Harry as parents.
    I love your testimony about God in all things.
    Love you ❤️


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