It’s a BOY!

IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!


It feels so amazing saying that!! I can’t believe I get to be a boy momma! My dreams got BIGGER & BLUER this weekend! Harry & I are just beside ourselves that we get to raise a sweet little boy!

This blog post is a full recap of our fun- filled weekend of finding out what Baby C is!!




Before I get to the recap, let me share the results of the polls I posted on Facebook and Instagram!! LOL! I think baby boy had a lot of people tricked! Harry & I had moments where we thought girl but we ALWAYS went back to boy! It’s like we just knew!



We made an appointment to find out the gender by 3D/4D ultrasound at 14 weeks at My Baby’s Debut in Boiling Springs. (Not too far from where we live!) Our appointment was this past Friday and we had the most AMAZING experience, EVER! I have not stopped talking about this place since we went!

We decided to go there for a few reasons:

1. Harry has not been able to attend doctors appointments due to covid and they allow spouses at My Baby’s Debut!

2. We wanted to find out the gender by ultrasound and My Baby’s Debut makes it possible by 3D/ 4D ultrasound as early as 14 weeks. (My doctor told me it was safe to go there & actually encouraged it so Harry could go too!)

3. We had heard great things about this place and our visit did NOT disappoint!


The women working there were incredible, we got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat on the big screen, we got LOTS of photos to take home, plus a bag full of goodies! We also purchased this adorable little teddy that has our baby’s heartbeat inside! I could play that sweet sound over and over. Lol!


Our ultrasound technician showed us all of baby except the gender part! She turned the screen off when it got to that because we really wanted the gender announcement to be inside of an envelope that we could open once we got home and enjoy the moment! (Driving home, Harry & I had yet again, another feeling! We looked at each other in the car and said, it’s a boy!)ย 


We did just that! We came home and sat on our back porch & found out the gender of Baby C! (Video will be on my Instagram stories and saved to my Instagram highlight titled: Baby!)


Finding out the gender together felt really special to us, especially because Harry has not been able to attend doctors appointments except for this one! Finding out the gender together was one thing that we were able to enjoy together! It was NOT easy keeping it a secret for 24 hours while we waited to tell our favorite people!


Of course, we HAD to tell our family & friends in some sort of fun way! When we began thinking about how we wanted to do a gender reveal, we had to consider all things covid! We wanted to plan things safely and we wanted everyone to feel comfortable! Harry & I both come from big families + we have a lot of friends who mean a lot to us! So, we made a weekend of “safe” plans to tell our favorite people face to face!!


Cake-pops & tricks were the “theme” of the weekend! lol!!



Saturday night, Harry’s parents hosted the best dinner for the family to be together and celebrate such a fun time! After dinner it was time for the reveal!


We gave everyone a cake pop that was blue inside except his parents! Their cake pops were pink! So naturally after biting inside of the cake-pops, everyone wanted to know who had the right color! The soon- to- be grandparents or the soon- to- be aunts/ uncles! So, his parents had to cut into a cake to find out the gender!! Of course, it was blue in the middle!! Everyone was SO excited!! (Video will be on my Instagram stories and saved to my Instagram highlight titled: Baby!)



Saturday morning, we were off to my sister’s house! She & my soon- to- be brother in law hosted the BEST “Baby Brunch” Gender Reveal with my whole family!!


We did the gender reveal first thing at their house! Lol, my mom was READY TO KNOW! haha!


Everyone went outside for the cake- pops! I told them, I could get good pictures outside! Haha! Everyone had a cake-pop that was blue in the middle except my mom (aka Nana!) Once again, after biting into the cake- pops, they wanted to know who had the right color cake- pop! We opened the back door and our dogs ran outside with blue balloons tied to them & everyone cheered! They were all tickled blue!! I got the cutest picture of our first born with his balloon! (Video will be on my Instagram stories and saved to my Instagram highlight titled: Baby!)


We also had some blue confetti cannons in the end for cute pictures! (Thanks Casey & Chris!)



After telling my family the gender, we had brunch and talked all things BOY!


Big thanks to my sister for a fun day!


Then, we were headed back home to Spartanburg! We had a late birthday/ baby celebration planned outdoors with friends.


You may have seen this on my social media stories….


Yep..! I’ve never sat in traffic for more than 20 minutes before in my entire life until that night. It’s really okay though. We are fine. There were people involved in accidents who were not fine. Our prayers & hearts are with them! Not pitty us!

We had lots of people tell us that they were on edge waiting to find out the gender of Baby C!! I promise we were not keeping y’all waiting on purpose! I felt so bad!! Thank y’all for being patient!!


These 2 made everything SO much better!! It was a miracle that they were only 3 cars ahead of us AND we realized it while sitting there, not moving. at all.

Who knew being stuck on an interstate could actually be worthwhile as long as you got your besties!!

I had friends patiently waiting for us in Spartanburg! Thankfully, it was a cool hang out spot! (Thanks Fr8Yard for letting us have the upper deck that night, even though I never made it there!) I told my friends several times to go home and we could zoom later because I felt SO bad that they were waiting!

My friends refused to go home because they are just AMAZING! Well Fr8Yard closed at 9 and we walked in the door at my house around 9:30, along with Brittany, Kacy, & Mike who were also sitting on I-85 for 2.5 hours. My friends showed up at my house just MINUTES later!! I could have cried that my friends sat in traffic for that long while on their way to see us + that we had friends who WAITED on us that long!


I feel like things really do work out sometimes how they are supposed to though because I had the best night at my house with these people when we got home!!


Of course, telling our friends involved another trick! We had a box to open that everyone thought the gender would be in but nope, it was just a yellow balloon that kept everyone waiting! lol! Then, we gave our friends cake- pops that were all blue in the middle! Everyone bit into the cake-pops and we celebrated after! (Video will be on my Instagram stories and saved to my Instagram highlight titled: Baby!)


We truly had the BEST weekend ever!!! We feel so humbled & blessed that our family & friends were just as excited about baby boy Cochran as we are!!


The two big brothers are also excited!! We’re going to have Big, Middle, & Little brothers! ๐Ÿ™‚

*Funny story, currently the dogs sleep in the room that will soon be the nursery! A few weeks ago we told the pups goodnight and walked out of the room. Harry said, “Pretty soon, we will be telling 3 boys goodnight!”ย  Haha, I said, “I think so too!”

Thank you to my sweet Jesus for this BIG, BLUE BLESSING!


I’m already planning & buying all of the things! ๐Ÿ™‚


We can’t wait for “our boy” to be here!


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