Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Wow.. what a year!

We made it through a wild ride, y’all! The start of this new decade was rocky for a lot of people but, WE MADE IT!

When rock bottom hits, you can truly only go up from there. So if 2020 was rough for you, 2021 has to be better!!

I always do a yearly recap at the end of each year! When I think about 2020, I try to only see the positives. I see more time spent with family, a chance to slow down, a chance to remember what is really important in life. The biggest blessing of all this year has been the blessing of pregnancy. That will truly never be lost on me. We also added a sweet puppy to our family this year, Nash! Now,  Ace has a puppy sibling! AND, I have a new brother in law!! So many blessings!


Onto the Recap!

I’m going to highlight some moments for us that happened each month in 2020:


We rang in the New Year at home with take- out food because I had the flu ~ We spent a long weekend in Charleston ~ LSU won the National Championship, woohoo! ~ Mom, Ashley, & I attended the Celine Dion concert ~ We saw my sweet cousin Sara compete in Miss CHS ~ Ace turned 7 ~ We joined a small group at church!




We made a deposit for Nashy Bashy Bear & we watched him grow through photos for the next several months ~ AnnaVee’s sweet baby Mason turned 2 ~  We celebrated Valentine’s Day ~ I hosted a Bachelor viewing party ~ My niece, Eleanor was in her first pageant ~ We had family night at my sister’s house


This month is where things got weird… Shut down took place ~ My classroom door closed for the year without me knowing I’d never teach those kids face to face again ~ I learned all about zoom this month as did, many others



We drove to Virginia to get Nash this month ~ We had lots of days at home with the pup pups ~ We celebrated Easter with family ~ I discovered Leigh Lee’s Bracelets this month // check her out on IG



We hosted Cinco De Mayo at our house this year with friends ~ Had a fun photo shoot with Southern Charm before I had a pregnant belly lol ~ We had a day date in downtown Greenville ~ We had a fun day at Fr8 Yard with Natalie, Tom, & all the pups ~ I saw some of my students play TBall ~  I hosted Mothers Day for my mom & family at my house this year ~ We found out we were expecting our first baby!!!!!!!



Lake Days ~ Night with our small group from church ~ Lazy days at home with the pups ~ Southern Charm was featured in a local magazine ~ We spent the month sharing the news of baby with our friends & family!! ~ My sister said YES TO THE DRESS!



We announced that we were expecting!!! ~ We spent a week in Isle of Palms ~ We had lots of days outside ~ Spent the 4th of July at the lake ~ Celebrated Brittany’s birthday ~ I turned 29!



We found out we were expecting a baby BOY!! ~ We shared the news with all of our family & friends ~ I returned to the classroom to begin a very different school year due to the circumstances of 2020 ~ We had a double date night with AnnaVee & Nick



We spent a weekend in Charlotte ~ We attended an outdoor Casting Crowns concert with the fam ~ I went to Savannah for my sister’s bachelorette weekend ~ Celebrated the start to fall ~ Ashley & Logan got married!! ~ Eleanor turned 1



Harry went on the annual shrimp trip with his dad & brothers ~ We had some college football Saturdays ~ Fall outings with friends & family ~Had a day at home due to hurricane Zeta ~ Annual dress- up day at work ~ Celebrated Halloween with the pup pups



We voted! ~ We spent Thanksgiving with our families ~ I had a girls night out with my small group ladies from church ~ We had AMAZING baby showers this month hosted by family, friends, ladies from church, & co-workers! ~ Extra thankful!!



Harry turned 29 ~ We celebrated 5 years of marriage ~ We had our annual North Pole/ pajama day at work ~ We did all of the Christmas festivities ~  We celebrated Christmas with our families!


This year may have looked different in a lot of ways but 2020 was still a huge blessing! We are choosing to see the positives that came from this year & there were many!

Now bring on 2021… we are ready to meet our BABY!

I can’t wait to experience all the seasons & holidays with our son in the new year!!

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