First Trimester Recap


Woah! How are we already finished with the first trimester?!?!

This pregnancy is already flying by but I am thankful to be in the second trimester!

I’ll be 14 weeks this Saturday!


I wanted to recap first trimester just a bit! I answered a lot of questions in my first “baby” blog post, here: We are Having a BABY!

Overall, first trimester was not as bad as it probably could have been! I was nauseous a good bit on & off most days BUT I never once got sick.

Even though I never got sick, it wasn’t ALWAYS an easy feeling. I just knew my body felt different inside and I felt weird. It’s really hard to explain but I just knew things were changing. I was tired a lot in the early weeks + nauseous. Not the best feeling!

I had headaches some in the early weeks but not the entire first trimester! They were pretty short lived.

I’ve mentioned my back before but because I have scoliosis, my back has already been quite the challenge while being pregnant. Thankful for a good chiropractor.

My appetite has been really REALLY weird! In the beginning, I was eating a lot of bland foods because everything else made me feel yuck! I mostly crave cool & refreshing foods like watermelon or snow-cones! Other than that, I haven’t had many cravings. Sometimes if I hear foods mentioned, I’ll have thoughts of “yuck” or “oh yes, now I want that!” haha!

My body definitely started changing in the first trimester. I think the bump really depends on what I’m wearing and how much I’ve recently ate.

One more thing, I use to be cold nature and now I STAY hot! Ha! Like it’s a problem lol!

The baby’s heartbeat in the first trimester went from 132 at 7 weeks to 165 at 12 weeks!

I’ll end the first trimester recap by saying this.. I’m so thankful! It has already been the most amazing experience going through changes and knowing it’s because I’m growing our baby! I feel so humbled already that we have been chosen to be this baby’s parents.

I’m also thankful to have been home on summer break during the first trimester while my body adjusted to changes! Thankful to be feeling myself again! Onto trimester number two!!


Before I go, I’ll leave you with some old wives tales because we find out the baby’s gender this weekend!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!! We are SO, SO excited!

From the beginning, I have thought it was a boy. It wasn’t until we were at the beach a couple weeks ago that I started thinking it was a girl. Since the beach, I go back and forth on what I think the baby is. My overall guess is 75% boy and 25% girl! Lol, Harry feels the exact same way.

It does NOT matter at all to us what the baby is! I can equally envision a life with a boy or a girl! I also know that God knows what we NEED! We don’t know yet but He does! I know it will be the biggest blessing either way!

We are just so ready to know so we can start planning all the things lol! Okay, on to the old wives tales:


I do not rely on old wives tales AT ALL, it’s just for fun!! Let us know what you think!


Side note, I skipped This & That Thursday + Fab Friday this month to talk about all of this instead! I promise I’ll bring those back next month!

I’m off to enjoy the weekend and find out what baby C is going to be!! Ahh! Have a great weekend and catch me back here next week!


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