Second Trimester Recap

Hello Third Trimester!!!

I am SO, SO happy to be in the third trimester! We are so close to meeting our boy! I wanted to do a quick little recap of what second trimester was like for me!


First trimester wasn’t too bad for me. I never got sick- just nauseas. That nauseas feeling quickly went away during the second trimester and I’ve been able to eat just about anything. To this day, I still have not been sick! SUPER thankful for that! The only things I “crave” are still cold things! 

I also started back teaching during the second trimester! I was happy about that because it had been a while since I’d been around co-workers. I also regained all of my energy back in the second trimester that I lost in the first trimester! Woohoo! Another plus!!

I’d love to say my entire second trimester was a breeze but that has not always been the case. (sigh!)

I’ve mentioned my back issues that I’ve had throughout pregnancy a couple of times. I have back issues in general because I have scoliosis and I cheered for so long, etc. etc. The back issues got pretty intense basically from day 1 of pregnancy. That did not stop in the second trimester.

Now, instead of it just being my back, I now have a lot of pain in my upper abdomen. It’s pretty intense. We have basically come to the conclusion that it’s from all of the stretching my body has had to do, the pulling of my muscles, etc. 

I’ve always been petite. It’s not because I follow a strict diet, work out plan, or anything specific. I think genes plays a part of that. My grandmother, my mom, my sister- all of the women in my family are petite.

I’ve had to really adjust to all of the changes. It’s been pretty painful at times BUT I would ONE MILLION percent do it all over again! I’m so thankful to be carrying this baby! 

Other than the body changes I’ve been going through, second trimester has been a lot of fun! We have been working on the nursery which is pretty much complete minus a few things here & there. We have been planning all of the things. It’s just been FUN!

I can’t wait to be holding my sweet boy in a few short months!! 

Baby showers begin this weekend and I am SOOOOOO excited!! We have so many special people in our lives who are pouring out love for our little boy. He is so loved and we are so THANKFUL!

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Y’all have a GREAT weekend!!


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