Baby Q & A

I hope y’all are having the BEST October weekend!!

We are excited to slow down this weekend & soak in all the fall feels!

Ahh! I really do just LOVE this time of year, the clothes, the scents, the feels, the outings, ALL OF IT!


23 weeks!

Today, I thought I would do a little baby/ pregnancy update with a fun Q & A with some of the questions I’ve been getting lately!

Here we go:

1. By far the most asked question is, “Do y’all have a name picked out?” Haha! The answer is finally YES!! Baby boy officially has a name! We’ve had a name in mind from the very beginning & never changed our minds on the name! Of course, we would talk about other names for fun but we have always gone back to one specific name! We started praying about it and we truly believe God has revealed baby boy’s full name to us! Baby boy has a name & we love it!!

I said this from the very beginning BUT because I make so much of my life public here on the blog (which I LOVE) plus there are very FEW surprises left in life, we have decided to keep baby boy’s name a surprise until he’s born!

2. How are you feeling? Overall, I feel pretty good! I was nauseas first trimester but never once got sick! I haven’t felt sick at all, second trimester! So very thankful for that!! My back pain still persists though. I see a chiropractor & I started some physical therapy for my back pain. I know lower back pain is a common pregnancy symptom but mine has been all upper/ middle! It’s pretty severe. I keep telling myself that this is all preparing me for childbirth & it will 1000000% be worth it when baby boy is here!

3. Do you have any cravings? First trimester, I told y’all I always craved cold & refreshing stuff like slushies or watermelon. Those have still kind of been my go- to’s! Now that it’s fall, I’m really into all the warm, cozy foods too. That’s probably just me though, not so much pregnancy cravings! lol

4. Where do you shop for maternity clothes? I snagged some really cute dresses & tops in Target’s maternity section. I’ve still been wearing my normal pants- I just use the rubber band method to button them & wear longer tops! Pink Blush Maternity has also been a favorite for when I need fancier dresses for events, etc!

5. Are you going to breastfeed? I am 100% going to try! We will see how it goes….

6. Do you think the dogs know you’re pregnant? I think Ace may have an idea. Sometimes, he can be extra cuddly! I don’t think Nash has a clue LOL! He is still a baby himself! They definitely see us working on the nursery & probably wonder what’s up with that!

7. Are you nervous about giving birth? Oddly… I’ve always been nervous about childbirth, like my entire life. I’m not a fan of anything medical related. BUT, I will say that the closer I get to giving birth & the farther along my pregnancy gets, I feel less & less nervous. I think that is totally God protecting me!

8. Will you get an epidural? YOU BET, I WILL! lol yes, yes, yes! I have scoliosis (which probably does not help the back pain) & several people have asked, “will that interfere with getting an epidural?” I’ve asked several doctors & I’ve been told, “You can absolutely still get an epidural with scoliosis!” So thankful for that!

9. Have you felt him kick? I finally felt baby boy start to move around 20 weeks. I feel him the most when I’m laying down, especially in the mornings! He must be an early riser, lol! It reassures me every time I feel him move, that he is okay in there! I love that!

10. Did you change your skincare routine while pregnant? YES! I blogged about my skincare routine prior to getting pregnant. I’ve basically stuck to that routine BUT I’ve eliminated everything with retinol, benzoyl peroxide,  salicylic acid over 2%, and gylcolic acid over 10%. I’ve always used basic Cetaphil cleanser in the mornings. Now, I use that morning & night!


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I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL fall weekend!

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