5 Years of Marriage

And just like that, we’ve been married for 5 years!!


When I think back on the past 5 years, I feel blessed! This guy really is my best friend & teammate in life. We are by no means the experts on marriage. The experts are grandparents & couples who have been married 50+ years.

I can tell you that, we wake up every day and choose each other because that’s what we made a commitment to do on our wedding day. We strive to keep Jesus at the center of our marriage because He is whom our lives/ decisions revolve around. That really is the, “secret.”


12/19/15 is hands down one of the BEST days of my life!

We actually got married on Harry’s grandparents wedding anniversary! There’s something so magical about Christmas, so I love that we get to celebrate our anniversary during this time of year!

When I look back at our wedding photos, we look so young!! Lol!

We were both 24 when we got married and that is pretty young! Goodness, I wouldn’t trade that decision for a minute though!

I would relive this day over & over!

That’s the thing though, the wedding is ONE day. The marriage is FOREVER!

I loved Harry a lot on our wedding day but I love him even more now!


It’s been the best 5 years! We’ve been able to experience so much life together these past 5 years…

Now, we are ready to take our biggest step yet in life… BECOME PARENTS!

We are SO, SO excited to add a baby to our family!


Harry added a band to my wedding rings for our anniversary- to represent 5 years of marriage & our first baby!

I wanted to get Harry something meaningful as well. Guys are pretty simple, right? They carry just a few things around: keys, phone, & wallet! I surprised Harry with a new personalized wallet. It has his initials on the outside and a personalized message from me on the inside.

This makes a great gift for an anniversary, birthday, or even Father’s Day! I’ll link it below:

Mens Leather Wallet


We have spent lots of special occasions at, The Piedmont Club in Spartanburg so it was only fitting that we spend our 5 year anniversary here! I’m obsessed with all of the Christmas decor and how pretty things are this time of year!


Bring on year 6!!!


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