Yay to 28!

A week ago yesterday, I celebrated my 28th birthday!


I launched my blog on my 25th birthday, 3 years ago. Each year, I do a “blog anniversary” post! This year, I am going to recap how I celebrated my birthday and tell you my thoughts about turning the big, 2-8.


You can find my first, EVER, blog post here: I’m a Blogger!!!

You can find what I blogged the year I turned 26 here: The List

Last year, I blogged: 27 Things You May Not Know About Me



Shop my dress here: tie dye maxi dress

Ya know, it’s weird.. I remember turning 25 several years ago and thinking, “Wow I’m really getting older.” Lol but now I’m 28, yet I feel so young! Weird!

Although sometimes, my body feels older! It took me several days to recover from my fall in Charleston earlier this summer! If you saw my Instagram stories, then you remember my massive bruise from falling down a flight of stairs! Ugh lol



The Friday of my birthday weekend, Harry brought this pretty home!! Believe me, it was as good as it looks!

We have sort of started a tradition the past several years of getting each other cookie cakes for our birthdays. My birthday is mid year and his birthday is at the end of the year, which makes it perfect for spacing out cookie cakes!


On Saturday, Harry & I went to Greenville for the day!

We did some of our favorite things or should I say MY favorite things lol.. shopping & Chinese food! We did some shopping for some odd & end items for our house! Our house has come a loooong way! It’s definitely ready for hosting guests but of course, there are still some projects we are working on!


Side note: Look at this STUNNING picture my friend Natalie painted of our house, for my birthday! She is amazing!! She also has her own banner business! Follow her on Instagram at: ncpartybanners

I’ll do a blog post once the house is finished!! Not sure when that will be.. for now, we are enjoying the process! You can find sneak peeks on my Instagram stories from time to time!


On the way to Greenville, I received a facebook phone call from my favorite teacher from high school! We burried a time capsul in his class, senior year! I put my chocolate cellphone in the time capsule lol!!! He called to inform me that it was still in tact!

My phone fell in the pool that year so it was pretty much useless so I buried it in the time capsule! lol

You can find my 10 year post high school blog post here: Flashback Friday to 2009



On Sunday, the day of my actual birthday, I had brunch at Cribbs Kitchen in downtown Spartanburg with my favorites!!


After brunch, we walked to fthe Fr8yard!


I had the best day celebrating!!




I headed down to Cherry Grove beach, mid- week last week with my family! The birthday celebrations continued at the beach! My brother Ryan & I have back to back birthdays so we celebrated with dinner one night at the beach!


Alrighty, that’s all for this post! 

*This week, I’m blogging 3X just for fun! I’m still on summer break and I’m getting all caught up on life over here!*

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Have a great week!!



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